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Popular Pyrex Patterns “ There are other patterns that are more expensive because of demand or popularity,” says Capp. “Patterns such as Dots, Solid Pink, Pink Gooseberry, Pink Scroll, Solid Turquoise, Turquoise Butterprint, Friendship, and the Balloons chip and dip sets are popular and in high-demand, so these sets go for $200 to 300 or more depending on the condition.” Early Pyrex glass was more opaque than the clear Pyrex you see today. Before Pyrex was used in the kitchen, clear Pyrex was used in science laboratories. Photo by Brad Ruby. 1945 Primary Colors The first of the colored Pyrex, the Primary Colors Mixing Bowls were a huge hit because the “nesting bowls” made them easier to store. The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex Kitchenware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, and use collectible vintage collectible Pyrex glass kitchenware. Vintage Pyrex The Collector Kitchenware Stamps Dating Fire Dishes Collections Glass Standard colors and patterns were mass produced on opal PYREX items for over two years. These patterns and more are covered in PYREX Passion: The Comprehensive Guide to Decorated Vintage PYREX. Patterns are listed in chronological order by release date. Some dates of availability have been updated since the original release of PYREX Passion. Pyrex Model Numbers. Being knowledgeable about model numbers can be invaluable to the Pyrex collector. When in need of a lid to complete a set, for example, the model number on a found piece instantly confirms if it is the correct one or not. Pyrex identification is often an inexact science, to say the least. We would rather have fun with it, than spend hours trying to figure out the exact name of every single item ever made. Pyrex Passion by Michael D. Barber Sponsored by Corelle Brands.PYREX® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. © Corning Museum of Glass Dating pyrex glass - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for love in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Dating Pyrex Ware - The Pyrex Collector: Information for The Vintage Glass Kitchenware Enthusiast. The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex Kitchenware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, and use collectible vintage collectible Pyrex glass kitchenware. Dating Pyrex™ Kitchenware. Estimating the age of Pyrex opal glass kitchenware can most often be done by observing a few basic characteristics. While colors and styles of decoration reflected consumer tastes at the time of production, the first thing to look at is the backstamp. Backstamps

Coffee inspired haul ☕️ Pyrex coffee mug hand painted landscape and cabin with painting date on the bottom 1981, $3. Corningware stovetop percolator with all original parts hidden with the carafes, $7. And a set of 4 homemade stoneware mugs, $3. My vintage loving heart is full!!!!

2020.09.18 19:02 neartintinne Coffee inspired haul ☕️ Pyrex coffee mug hand painted landscape and cabin with painting date on the bottom 1981, $3. Corningware stovetop percolator with all original parts hidden with the carafes, $7. And a set of 4 homemade stoneware mugs, $3. My vintage loving heart is full!!!!

Coffee inspired haul ☕️ Pyrex coffee mug hand painted landscape and cabin with painting date on the bottom 1981, $3. Corningware stovetop percolator with all original parts hidden with the carafes, $7. And a set of 4 homemade stoneware mugs, $3. My vintage loving heart is full!!!! submitted by neartintinne to ThriftStoreHauls [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 08:17 labness1 I am 33 years old, make $135,000, live in the SF/Bay Area suburbs, and work in tech as an analyst

Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance (and how you got there): $54k, all in the last year and a half. Equity if you're a homeowner: $0 - I have only ever rented. Savings account balance: $22k, in case of emergency COVID/move-back-to-Canada money. All saved in the last year and a half. This was max $1k at any given time while I was in science. Checking account balance: $2330 Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $0. I use my credit card for spending, then pay it off, usually paying $1.5-2k a paycheck. Student loan debt (for what degree): $0 for both undergrad and grad school… sorta. After grad school, I knew it would take some time for me to find a job in the US, get visa paperwork done, etc. Just before my defense, my dad co-signed on a student line of credit with me for $10k. I ended up using most of it, but paid it back within the year, before the interest kicked in. Undergrad: I lived at home (free rent and food), and my parents helped with 100% books and 50% tuition. Since Canadian tuition a decade ago was about $6k a year, I covered by portion (and some fun spending) with the summer jobs related to my field. To be fair, my parents also helped out with vacation trips, which equaled about my part of the tuition. If I had gone to a different city, my parents would not have covered the additional living expenses. Grad: I moved to a big Canadian city and supported myself, living with roommates in pretty mediocre-to-shitty housing. I got a stipend of $24.5k as a science student researcher, with $9k/year paid right back to the university in tuition. This was livable but tight - lots of rice and lentils. When I went to visit my parents, they would send me some cash for the train ticket, and send me back with a suitcase of Costco goodies. Improved my quality of life significantly! Passive inherited income: K.’s grandma gifted us $5k for our wedding (“instead of waiting until I’m dead and you don’t have anyone to say thank you to”). Each set of parents had contributed $5k, and K. paid the rest - this gift ended up covering K’s portion. Other: My parents were unemployed for a few stretches - but they were never close to losing their house, so that was another safety net. Thank goodness for unemployment benefits and free healthcare! My boyfriend/husband (K.) has always made more money than I have, and that has given me a security net. We were long distance for half of grad school, and I wrote my thesis from the US while still paying rent and tuition in Canada. In those months, he gave me $1k to spend for my own wants in his VHCOL city, so that I could be independent. K. and I do not share finances. When there was a huge difference between our incomes, we split things as a proportion of income. In the last few years, our incomes are more similar, and we try to keep costs reasonable - but split most things 50/50. He splurges on some nicer trips/hotels/events for us than I would be willing to pay for.


Income Progression: I've been working in my current field for 3 years, with a starting salary of $90k. I changed careers from science to tech. As a grad student, I made took home $15.5k (untaxed) for a number of years. My first post-grad job started at $52k, then went up to $60k after 4 months. Once I left science for tech, I got that juicy starting salary of $90k. For my current job, the starting offer was $130k + 15k signing bonus + 10% guaranteed bonus + 70k restricted stock units (RSUs) over 4 years. I had 3 job offers purposefully lined up to come in on the same day, so I was able to negotiate pretty intensely. I had a competing offer of $155k base at a startup, but I wanted to work at a bigger company and learn some best practices instead of reinventing the wheel. Good thing I did not take it - COVID destroyed that business! Main Job Monthly Take Home: $6,654 is the take-home amount. I have pretty good perks from my employer - all food and snacks (pre-COVID), public transit (pre-COVID), $1k/year wellness benefit, and my medical insurance is fully covered. I pay for my own dental/vision/disability, and my spouse’s medical plus dental/vision/disability ($154 total). He also has medical insurance for both of us through his work. I know we are double paying, but as Canadians, we both tend to catastrophize and are paranoid about the US healthcare system. I also contribute $1888/month to a 401k (plus $6k annual company match). SO’s Monthly Take Home: ~$14k. The overwhelming majority of this goes to savings/investments. He’s planning to semi-retire and start his own business in a few years, so he’s saving hard. He has no debts and was extremely frugal during undergrad to avoid using credit cards.


Rent: $2,520, split 50/50
Renters insurance: don’t have any :/ Savings contribution: $1300 each paycheck into a savings account
Investment contribution: $41k. Once a few thousand accumulate in savings, I move that to investments. I just started this in November of last year, and am only now recovering back to March levels. Gotta play the long game!
Debt payments: $0
Donations: $10 ACLU, $26 (varies) Patreon, and the rest through the donation matching portal at work ($1175 from me+ $1,650 company match) so far this year. I contributed to wildfires, hunger, BLM, NAACP, and the Red Cross.
Electric: this has varied between $25 and $250 in the last year, average $140. Our 1BR is incredibly poorly insulated, and we use space heaters, a portable A/C, multiple fans, and 2 air purifiers as needed to control temperature. I suspect I can improve this, but I can’t quite muster up the energy. I pay this.
Wifi/Cable/Landline: Internet is $112/month for a really powerful connection. K. pays for this, but I get $45 reimbursed when I remember to submit a claim.
Cellphone: $55
Gym membership: I had $49.99 24-hour fitness month-to-month that I cancelled in April, and will not resume anytime soon.
Car payment / insurance: $0 - never owned a car. If we’re traveling, we rent and get full coverage insurance ($$$ but gives me peace of mind).

Wednesday, Sept 2

7:30 am: Before breakfast, I check the wildfire pollution the take a walk and listen to Gastropod, one of my favorite podcasts about the science and history of food. I try to hit 10k steps most days, but the heat wave and wildfires have made this more difficult.
8:45 am: Work heads down all day, churning out a full analysis for something we launched a month ago.
12:30 pm: Take a break to finally improve my skincare routine and buy Timeless skincare (Vitamin C and squalene moisturizer, sample sizes), $33.14. While I'm at it, I also buy a spray bottle and gloves for the powder mildew that has been attacking my tomato plants. Also, turns out I’m allergic to the tomato leaves, so I decided to get gloves, as well. $17.45 and $20.70.
8:30 pm: Order Uber Eats for dinner - poke bowl with scallops and tuna, but mostly I’m about 100000 toppings $44.39
9:45 pm: Spin bike 15 minutes to get butt used to it before bed. We got a Keiser M3i fancy bike to get us through the quarantine. Although I walk 1.5 hours a day, I am quite out of shape in terms of strength and cardio fitness, so I am working up to doing actual workouts.
11 pm: Read The Cooking Gene before bed, about the history of food and its interplay with slavery in America.
Day total = $115.68

Thursday, Sept 3

8:45 am: I take my time getting out of bed and doom scroll on my phone from 7am until I get up. This is why I try to schedule morning meetings - keeps me from doing stupid things that make me anxious, for no good reason. Walk in the morning, listening to a new audiobook. I have found easier to concentrate on an audiobook than multiple podcast - less context switching.
9:30 am: Smoothie and coffee and water, and tackle my wall of meetings to talk up the analysis I put together earlier in the week.
11 am: Stitchfix arrives. I am on a 12-shipment subscription that covers the styling fee, but I end up either sending all back or keeping 1-2. I recently Koa Marie’d, so want to keep only things I really like. I try everything on. Most items fit, but make me look like a babushka (really strong floral/paisley vibe in this one). Plan to send back everything but an olive jean jacket. Will try it on again tomorrow before I decide.
12:30 pm: For lunch, leftover pomegranate chicken with potatoes and cauliflower slow cooker stew.
2 pm: I am getting calibrated to do technical phone screens. That means that I conduct the interview while someone with more experience is silently present, and only speaks up if there are significant issues or questions I can't answer. This session has a ton of of tech issues, and also the candidate was struggling to get through it. I had a lot of sympathy for them - I also freeze up in technicals. However, I had to avoid giving hints until they asked - this would not help the candidate very much, since it decreases the score they can achieve.
4 pm: To procrastinate, and because I have been walking to the snacks cupboard and not finding Doritos there, I put in an order for a Safeway delivery for tomorrow. I’ll get billed then.
6 pm: I talk with a friend about moving back to Canada, and figuring out how salaries compare, as well as job opportunities and rent. I would want to move back to the area I went to grad school in, so I am familiar with the areas and types of housing - but everything has gone up like crazy.
9:45 pm: I stay up late wrangling some data analysis to incorporate feedback from today's meetings into the report. I usually aim to work 8/9 until 5-6:30, depending on the day, so this is an exception. I used to work many weekends and late nights in science, so I relish my free time.
Somewhere in there, K. ordered 6 entrees of Chinese food that we will eat over the next 3-4 meals. I eat that as I work.
11:30 pm: I do 20 minutes of spin and re-re-re-watch The West Wing
1:30 am: I read more of The Cooking Gene before bed, and stay up way too late.
Day total = $0

Friday, Sept 4

7:30 am: I go for a 45 minute walk before work, listening to a podcast about the history of glass used for food (Gastropod). I learn about wine glasses, beer bottles, and Pyrex dishes.
8:15 am: Breakfast is avocado with defrosted green peas and hot sauce. Half the avocado is browned, so I just load up the green peas.
9:30 am: Safeway delivery (Doritos, Miss Vickies chips, mini cups of Haagen-Datz ice cream, Magnum ice cream bars, a variety of frozen pizzas, large packs of beef/chicken/pork, Coke, cans of cold brew, bagels, sauerkraut, chocolate, nachos ingredients, pierogis, frozen fruit, bananas, and tuna. This looks ridiculous for adults. We aim for healthy-ish food at least, but crave junky foods pretty hard. This haul is about cravings. When the food arrives, I am faced with the fact that we already have a LOT of food, and the new stuff barely fits into the freezer. I am definitely shopping my feelings of uncertainty. The total is $242.45, and I just pay for it. K. buys all takeout and pays for cleaners. Sometimes, we split some grocery hauls if it feels like I’d paid for the last few things and it’s out of balance.
11 am: I still feel bad about over-buying (though most is shelf-stable or frozen). I clean up the kitchen to feel more on top of everything while I listen to a work presentation. We are not great housekeepers, and things get messed up really fast. I leave things everywhere more, but also go on cleaning stress-binges more. K. picks up more consistently, but is really not into actual cleaning - so he pays for cleaners. When he was in university living with messy roomies, he cleaned all the time, and this was what he promised himself he’s always spend money on once he had some.
1 pm: I create some nifty visualizations to summarize the results of the analysis that I did this week. Creating figures and illustrations was my favorite part of scientific work, and it’s nice to still have that be a significant part of my job now. I find any opportunity I can to create a visual summary, and try to be thoughtful about the level of detail and consistent with color.
3pm: I get a reminder that my migraine medication - the fancy new antibody monthly shot. It’s made a huge difference in my quality of life, from 9-15 migraine days down to 3-5! It costs about $600/month without insurance. My out-of-pocket is $40, and only $5 with the special discount card. $5 prepaid though the pharmacy app.
11 pm: I faff around on my phone all afternoon and fall asleep.
Day total = $247.45

Saturday, September 5, 2020

8:30 am: I get up, checked Purple Air for wildfire air pollution (not too bad), and do all 10k steps in the morning before the heat wave kicks in. I listen to a lighthearted audiobook - a romance by a WOC writer I really like, Jasmine Guillory. Her characters are in their mid/late 30s, live in LA or SF/Berkeley, and both have careers they are trying to intertwine as they date.
10 am: I have a cold nitro brew latte and a Hint water while I talk to my parents on Skype (our Saturday morning ritual). I often don’t drink enough, and buying Hint water gets me drinking on days I don’t feel like it. Usually, I top up the bottle a few times throughout the day.
12:00 pm: Wake K. up because it’s noon… but then get in bed instead for a nap for 2 hours. Get up starving, and have 2 bananas in rapid succession because I feel the premonition of a migraine - light pain, annoyance, and nausea. I end up fighting it off with my medication. I should have timed my eating correctly.
2:30 pm: K. orders Wendy’s for a belated lunch. We chill and watch Unorthodox, and I look up a lot of words and customs. He buys (as is the case with almost all takeout). It's the long weekend, and usually go to Burning Man or a nice getaway, so we decide to go into full #TreatYoSelf mode.
8:30 pm: It’s getting to be late, and dinner has not magically appeared. We order from the good pizza place - pizza, Caesar salad, and chocolate cake. He pays. We watch a science video about black holes and eat pizza in bed.
11 pm: Put in a Labor Day weekend breakfast surprise - an order for a bunch of mini cakes and cookies on Grubhub. $50.00. I also realize that the USPS is closed for Labor Day, so I will need to extend the 3-day try on window for my clothes. Reach out to support.
3:45 am: It was hot all day, but now that it’s cooled down a bit, we stay up crazy late reading Internet things on our respective laptops.
Day total = $50.00

Sunday, September 6, 2020

7 am: It’s day 2 of a heat wave and wildfire smoke levels are pretty high, so I just go for a short walk around the block to see the world and maintain my habit of daily walks. I have some iced coffee from can and try to keep drinking water.
9 am: I start some laundry, clean up the kitchen a bit, and read for a while. It’s noon and K. is still sleeping and I’m hungry. I get into bed for a minute for a hug and wake up 45 minutes later, really groggy.
11:45 am: We hang out and talk and I do some cross stitching. We have the desserts I ordered for a weekend YOLO brunch.
1 pm: I am not really into the book I’m reading now - it’s too hot for serious stuff and I’m scrolling on my phone instead. I would rather read something more lightweight than not read at all, so I borrow a whole bunch of new books and audiobooks via Libby, the library app. After finishing Unorthodox, I get a copy of the original memoir (I’ll end up finishing it just after midnight). I take a quick break for leftover milestone soup from yesterday’s delivery and salami slices I eat from the bag, with squeezes of mustard, as I keep reading. Eating while reading and eating not at a table, from a plate, were forbidden as a child, and therefore my little adult rebellions. I'm slightly overweight, and I am guessing that eating in bed + tv binges are not helping. However, I have lost 10 lb since March just by aiming to eat "like an adult" at least most of the time.
4 pm: It’s still hot, and I spray myself with water mist from a spray bottle. It’s from the 3-pack of spray bottles that I got for the plant mildew fungicides, which works out well. I eat some homemade watermelon granita and keep binge-reading.
6 pm: K. orders us an unreasonable amount of posh food - steak, BBQ, ribs, sides. It’s very a very welcome event. We don’t usually order THIS MANY times within just a few days, but we didn’t go anywhere this summer, and the desire for some change of pace to celebrate the end of the summer is strong.
9 pm: We have more cake from brunch and watch some Netflix. Then, keep doing our own things. Once it’s dark, I go out to water the plants on my balcony - they’re very thirsty and droopy after the heat. I don’t go for a second walk because it’s still pretty smoky.
3 am: I stay up late once again, waiting to get sleepy and cool down enough to sleep. Doritos and chocolate.
Day total = $0.00

Monday, September 7, 2020

9 am: wake up, check wildfires, read about the SoCal fire set by a smoke pyrotechnic device at a gender reveal party. Feel angry - don’t have a party, and don’t set things on fire during ongoing wildfires in a heat wave.
10 am: Futz around reading the news, my book, and a long-form article able the origins of Amazon Prime from company employees at the time.
11:30 am: Finally get around to brunch just before noon - tea and more leftover dessert.
1 pm: Get a bill for T-mobile (included in the bills summary) and Github. This reminds me to do some life admin, so I schedule the cleaners (we have them come by about every 3 weeks). I also pick HelloFresh meals for later this month. I’d skipped a few in a row because of my grocery buying binge earlier. I look for ones that don’t require too any pots and pans - mostly burgers (I don’t bother making potato wedges due to calories + laziness) or tacos. I try to vary up the 3rd meal, but often I just make something simple like a soup or slow cooker stew instead of the actual recipe. I used to cook for fun more, but the pandemic killed all that. K. used to cook a lot in undergrad, but loves ordering food as a solution to cooking - and if I’m procrastinating cooking, I can be easily convinced to get something delicious to magically appear. Not today though! I am feeling guilty for ordering in this much the last few days, so I resolve to cook from the freezer stash once all the food is eaten and the heat wave breaks.
2 pm: Late lunch of leftover chicken, fries, and Caesar salad. I spend the afternoon reading and snacking on watermelon granita to keep cool.
9 pm: Leftover steak and mashed potatoes from yesterday’s dinner, followed by a 10k step walk in the dark now that it's cooled down.
Day total = $0.00

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

8:30 am: I go for my morning walk. The sun is a bright red circle, but PurpleAir says the air quality is not too bad. I really like separating my time into working and not working, and do a walk every morning before breakfast and working. I keep it short due to the air quality.
9 am: Make 2 smoothies, drink mine, and keep the other in the fridge for K.
9:15 am: Keep a Stitchfix jean jacket, and return everything else back. Somewhat want to send it back after my huge cleaning out last weekend, but K. convinced me to buy it - I like it, and don't have a jean jacket. $96.14
9:25 am: I check Slack and address the items people are waiting on. My team fills out personal updates and priorities in a shared doc. We are a team of 6, and value openness and creating a safe and comfortable space. Things like “I don't think I got much done last week because omg I can’t anymore” or “I am having a lot of conflict with an overlapping team and am feeling angry and out of control” are accepted and supported. It’s incredibly useful, but requires our manager to trust us and believe us - which they do. I’ve worked in a lot of different environments, and really appreciate how helpful this approach is for unblocking and addressing shared and individual problems.
11:30 am: I failed to drink my caffeine this morning and am shaky and getting a bit of a headache. Have some tea. Still not enough, so grab some instant Starbucks coffee, half a packet of hot chocolate, Benefiber, and CoffeeMate creamer powder. I am a gourmande.
12:30 pm: Lunch is scrambled eggs, salami, sad cherry tomatoes, and pickled okra (the best of the pickles). I spend lunch preparing to conduct some interviews in the afternoon - reading the resumes, making sure I remember the questions, etc.
2 pm: There was a small issue during the interview, but turned out ok. I got really positive feedback - this was my last “reverse shadow” before I can conduct interviews alone. I am feeling very proud of myself and brag to K. about it between meetings.
3 pm: Spend the rest of the day resolving the tech issue I ran into during the interview and intermittently reading the women/watercoole[random non-work stuff] Slack channels. Not at all productive, but hey. Later, I figure out that I was using the interviewing tool incorrectly. Derp.
5:30 pm: I listen to the last meeting of the day while I do 25 minutes of easy spin. I’m still getting used to sitting on the devious machine.
6:30 pm: To complete my 10k steps, I walk for another 45 minutes around my neighborhood and text with my mom a bit.
8 pm: My two skin treatments arrive. I do 2 test patches each on my inner arms - alone and with my usual moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and am prone to eczema, so I try to remember to do patch tests.
8:30 pm: At home, the not-fully-defrosted pork shoulder I put in the slow cooker before lunch is done(ish). I make rice and defrost some peas to go with it. It’s deeply mediocre, but I’ll freeze it into servings and jazz it up into soups and pasta bakes. It’s fine. Next time, I will actually defrost for more than an hour.
10 pm: K. and I settle in to watch some more of our show. I suspect I’ll read and watch more TV before bed - and try to get to sleep before midnight.
Day total = $96.14

Spending summary

Food + Drink
Fun / Entertainment
Home + Health
Clothes + Beauty


How do you feel about your spending?

I frequently feel conflicted about how much we outsource our lives (takeout, delivery, cleaning) - which has only gotten more pronounced since March. My husband also makes a bunch of money, and encourages spending to maintain energy for work (doing most of the spending himself). I also hope we will have kids in a year or two, and feel like our our spending will have to be more reasonable then, so there’s a bit of YOLO going on. I do feel conflicted about it, though - hence multiple no-spend days.

Was this a normal week for you?

This is a normal COVID week, yes. We got more and nicer takeout due to celebrating the long weekend, but we've had similar weeks before. In the before-times, I spent a lot less on food (I got fed at work for all breakfasts/lunches/coffee/snacks, and K. bought of his lunches). I spent a lot more on travel to see friends all over the US and Canada, going out with friends, camping and weekend getaways.

Has this inspired you to make changes or has it given you a “wow I’m doing pretty good” confidence boost?

I saved a lot of money really fast, and feel good about that. However, I constantly feel behind a lot of lawyecomputer science friends who stuck to one career. I need to get over this.

Is there anything you’re actively working on?

I need to stop spending time feeling like I should do one thing, and doing another. I either need up officially up my savings (pick a specific number, and feel free to spend the remainder), or to decide I’m saving enough and just let go of the guilt. There are much better uses for my emotional energy!
I would love some frank feedback on this diary.
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2020.09.11 21:49 heyheyBabuFrik Mycology supply trading list

Looking for mycology supplies?

Have a ton of professional lab kit. Mostly interested in trades but also sell things if a trade does not work. Not really looking for this to be a business because it is what I do for fun. Really I just like being part of the trading environment and so this is something I do on the side to help out other cultivators, meet new people and prepare for the next experiment.
Have a look through the list below and DM me if you are interested in any item(s). It is kept up to date. I also perform some laboratory and consulting functions and those are also discussed somewhere down below. It is ok to ask me about a trade or task even if you are unsure that I will be interested. I have a couple of trading policies I stick with to avoid scammers and those are down at the bottom, too.

Lab kit on hand


All of these were purchased from a big business unless otherwise noted



General policies & practices for trades & sales

Gotta be 100% up front here that I am just a regular person who grows mushrooms and trades kit for fun and not someone trying to run a business. You are not a customer to me, we are 2 people working out a trade. It would be tight if you could keep it casual because sometimes DMs roll in where people are like, "why don't you have more of a selection or carry this thing I want, can you order it? Your business sucks, I will shop somewhere else."
Everything coming from me ships out USPS+tracking. Your trades should also be shipped with tracking. That helps us avoid anyone pretending that they mailed something out. USPS is bogged down right now and so tracking also helps both of us know where our packages are in transit. It also lets us know that a live culture is not stuck in some hot or freezing warehouse somewhere for extended periods of time and gives us the ability to file a claim if the shipper kills one of them due to delays. If you do not want to spend money on tracking then I am going to wait until your trade arrives before I send mine out. Basic scammer protection.
I use PayPal for all monetary transactions because its terms protect both parties. If you are dead set on wanting to use another payment format then you can mail me cash (in a tracked envelope) and I will send out the kit you want after it arrives. I am not going to put up with dumb arguments about how you totally sent me untracked money and I now have to send you kit to compensate you for your loss. Miss me with those scammer moves because I have seen that before.
If we are trading and you have a new account or it is used infrequently then I will wait for your trade to arrive before I put anything in the mail. A while ago I sent out a run of dishes with a custom recipe plus parafilm to an account that was only used sporadically and the other person went silent on me. They were only supposed to send me a print and that was a pretty sleazy move. Hell of a bridge to burn over just 1 print when I have a whole lab at my disposal and give out extra kit all the time. Not going to risk any of that happening again.
If you are talking about blatantly illegal things then I am going to ignore you. At best I will warn you 1 time before I block. If you do not know how to do the mycology barn dance then I do not want to go to the fair with you. Yeehaw.
All these policies came about because there are so many dirtbags out there looking to take advantage of people like us and these are things I have learned the hard way to help me avoid getting duped. The people who have complained and argued with me the most intensely about how safe I am with trades have ended up being scammers. Straight up if you do not like where my comfort zone is then you do not have to trade with me and that is just fine. You gotta protect your neck kid!
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2020.08.28 20:50 Derplicit 1976 Chemex Carafe Water Kettle with Cork Stopper

A friend picked this up at an estate sale for $5 and it includes the original packaging and does not appear to have never been used. The copyright date is 1976. I found an ebay post for a similar item titled: "Peter Schlumbohm 1949 Chemex Corp Pyrex Fahrenheitor Kettle Glass & Cork" with an asking price of $1,650 but who knows where they are coming up with that price and this item is from 1976 vs 1949.
The design is pretty unique, but I have no idea where to start to understand what a price would be. I figured I would start here but perhaps post something over on the Chemex subreddit.
Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2020.08.27 18:35 happymachines Here are our favorite Pyrex resources! What are yours?

I was thinking earlier about how even though my wife and I have found a few great resources about Pyrex, there's probably some we're missing, so we thought we'd share and ask what other people had found.
- Pyrex Passion by Michael D. Barber is our favorite Pyrex book, to the point where we keep our copy in the car. Pictures, dates and descriptions of every pattern and promotional piece, with cradle guides, backstamp guides, a price guide, you name it.
- The Hot For Pyrex Guide to Rare and Hard to Find Pyrex by McGrady and Miller is great for all the pieces that you can't find in the Pyrex Passion book. Pictures and information on all the super rare and one-of-a-kind Pyrex pieces, sorted by model number. A lot of the information is also on their website, but I find the book easier to flip through.
- Dots & Diamonds: Your Guide to International Pyrex is insane. A giant, beautiful, hardcover almost 500 page book about JAJ (UK) and Agee (Australian and NZ) Pyrex. Written by ThatRetroPiece, a international reseller of vintage goods, it's so well put together that it could be a coffee table book. Photos, tables, dates, descriptions and histories of every JAJ and Agee pattern.
- This pattern reference page on the Pyrex Passion website is great when you're in an antique mall and can't remember if that lid on the shelf goes to Cosmopolitan or Raffia.
- This is a solid color reference website. It lists model numbers and which solid color pieces appear in each, for both standard patterns and promotional pieces. Great for when you find a blue 063 without a lid and you need to figure out if it goes to Royal, Blue Ivy, Horizon Blue, or Snowflake Blue.
- For those of you who also like to collect the clear bottom Pyrex bowls, here's a Pyrex Love post from a few years ago that's the best resource I've seen for these.
One thing I've noticed is that a lot of antique malls use cell phone signal blockers to keep people from looking stuff up when they're shopping to so they can't check eBay to see if it's a good deal, which is a pain when you just want to look up a pattern. For the first two websites I highly recommend you use the download website feature on your phone's browser, so you can still access them when you don't have a signal.
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2020.05.16 18:23 fanfictionmusiclover I dreamt that my life events were like a train. What does it mean?

I just turned 21, last night, and I was so tired from walking around and exploring my mum's hometown. My friends, my sister and her friends we went to the Ancient Settlement of my town which is now the entrance of the town when we stopped before an abandoned factory near the highway and we took so many photos but the group walked ahead and I remained to look at it because it felt familiar especially around the sign where it welcome sign to the settlement and where there was a statue with names of people that died on this land during the 1820s and WWII.
Having that in mind I fell asleep in my bed and I saw this dream where I was with my dad and entire family even family members long dead and ones I have read their names or heard stories about them in my maternal aunt's house. I was drinking my mum's maternal grandpa's wine and laughing about how my niece and cousins were attempting to dance to the Thracian folk music in the balcony when my mum's maternal grandma called me from the kitchen and I went in there to help her serve my grand-aunt Eugenia's special Summer Dessert. I carried the pyrex and my great-grandma held the plates when the sunset's sunlight and I were blinded by it that instinctively I shielded my eyes and dropped the pyrex shattering it.
I stopped feeling blinded when I felt my dad's hand on my shoulder and I saw we were on a train station and waiting to be boarded. I felt excited since It would have been my second time on a train. While on the train I would moe around the cabins and every time I would enter a cabin I would see different states of my life, or would be life.
I don't remember them all and some are jumbled up together but I remember one where I had found work as a film director's assistant and I was looking for our second lead actor and at the same time I was talking on my phone with my boss from my second job as a History teacher in a high school. The principal was telling me that I should prepare the exams for the semester and then he was trying to pry more details about the movie I was helping create and he was trying to guess the lead actors. I was laughing because I was saying that he was wrong but he had guess almost all the cast correctly but not the plot of the movie.
Then I knocked on the door of the 2nd lead actor as I bid my goodbye to the high school principal.
I also remember that in my head the year was 2030 and that my phone was a decade old and I needed to change it because it was breaking down and couldn't keep up with apps' updates.
I remember that this actor was getting up on my nerves and he always wanted to chit chat in the most inconvenient times either for him or for me. I remember that one time we had wrapped shooting for the day and I was at my favorite cafe creating the exams for my students on my laptop when he showed up and popped near me and him sitting down sent a wind that knocked over my papers, the table with my coffee mug and decorations because it was October and some fell down and broke. I remember I started lecturing him on being aware of his environment and not making abrupt movements and not being so clumsy when he shut my laptop's screen closing my computer and in a sense losing all the documents.
I was so very pissed with him that I started hitting him, smacking him in the head repeatedly.
While he laughed and said that now I had time for him and hearing that made me stop and look at him with a "WTF" look. Then he asked me on a date. I just said yes to get him off my back and then quickly grabbed my stuff and paid for my coffee and tipped very well to makeup or everything the idiot destroyed.
As I walked out of the coffee I was yet again on the train and I was disorientated and started to look for my dad frantically only to see random people, passengers.
I jumped into another cabin and I was in an apartment and fresh out of the shower. I started looking around trying to get myself familiarized with the house and I realized that I couldn't read or see faces in pictures except my own and those I already know.
Then I had the knowledge that I and that actor I smacked his head I was actually married to now and he was out in the supermarket while I was getting ready for date night. Just then I looked at the door and it opened and I saw him, now I couldn't register his face correctly but I knew that he had dark eyes and hair. I went to him and helped him unload the groceries and we chit-chatted but I couldn't hear what was said I only heard buzzing. Then I kissed him and we just held each other before I remembered that I had wet hair in the towel and needed to dry them. So I walked away and into a room that I liked the decore of they were warm colors such as soft pink, dark red, chocolate brown, soft yellow and various shades of blue. I walked in and opened the door of the wardrobe and I was blinded again by light only to wake up.
So, why the train? Why did I dream of a train and why did the dream start with me being surrounded by my ancestors? Any ideas?
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2020.05.08 17:15 ImgLoop1993 How would you strengthen these verbal invites to bring a girl home? See post. What would you say differently and what would you buy from amazon if you had 2-3 weeks?

Imagine you had 3 weeks before you started dating to buy stuff/prepare beforehand. Assume you won't be able to do something like learn an instrument to play before then

  1. "Come over and watch youtube on the TV "
What could you say to strengthen this? It seems like she could say "why don't we just watch youtube on my phone right here?" to which I'd reply "the TV's bigger, let's go" I wouldn't know what to say in response or say beforehand to prevent this

  1. "Let's watch a movie"
But which movies? You'd have 1) know roughly what she likes 2) happen to have access to that movie in time

  1. "Come up to drink some tea"
Right now I just have a pyrex cup and some generic glasses for water. Should I buy a nice tea set? What kinds of tea should I have in case she is just like "oh I don't like green tea" Should I use something else aside from microwaving a pyrex cup to boil the watedoes it seem too tacky?

  1. "Come up to have a drink before you go"
Sounds like trying to get someone to drunk, I dunno I am afraid to use this reason to be honest

  1. "Come to eat some fruit/ice cream"
Is this weird? I also don't have it now, maybe thinking what would you stock up on? Could make a run to a grocery store, which is some distance away, to get some ice cream and hope it doesn't melt. Also a bit painful for the expense to just always be stocked with these things in case

  1. "Come up to see the view from my balcony. We can see ____ from the distance and there's a great view of the trees and river"
There's a few issues, one is if she's from the area she has actually probably been in this big apartment complex before and seen it. Also, how would you phrase this to sell it better?

What other reasons might you consider? I could buy mario kart I guess. It seems a bit painful to buy a gaming system, controllers, and a game just to have an additional reason to have someone over though when I'll only be dating for a few weeks (leaving the area, and then will go back to my Mom's basement). I dunno, could buy a board game I guess but "come over to play board games" sounds kind of dull
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2020.04.26 06:42 Gloria214 Pyrex does not say microwave safe like some of my other butterfly gold bowls. Do ones that say microwave safe mean they are remake? If so what are the difference in manufacturing dates?

Pyrex does not say microwave safe like some of my other butterfly gold bowls. Do ones that say microwave safe mean they are remake? If so what are the difference in manufacturing dates? submitted by Gloria214 to Pyrex_Love [link] [comments]

2020.04.10 03:27 FernTheGrassBoy What i perceive as a ("Great Idea").

I want to start a benzo coocking show and me as host. I wold try different structures of them and have a dated 80s looking kitchen cheesy with fake plants and i would just get straight daft on chems and not eat for 6 hours before hand so im hungry and cook with whatever the fuck sounds good, even weed and stuff. And i would have a giant pyrex bong and red wine on the table to get back on lit mode for longer episodes. Also lots of breaking glass, burning plastic, wet toasters, fire exstinguishers, fire alarms, me getting hurt by or hurting who ever wants to be my 2nd host or guest if they sign a paper. It would have to be on something other than youtube if we wanted monetization.
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2020.03.26 17:04 Susceptive [WP] Every Tuesday some kind of disastrous, sometimes apocalyptic event happens. Alien invasion, zombie outbreak, mega-storms, etc. But every Wednesday, the world resets and life goes on as normal. Only a few people keep their memories. You happen to be friends with one of these people. 18/12/2019

Uno Reverse

Travis was chilling in the living room, comfortably socketed into the couch with an open bag of Doritos and an Xbox controller.
Kenneth walked in, paused, then faceplanted directly into the coffee table in an explosion of leftover pizza boxes.
This was not a normal Wednesday morning. But still... priorities.
"So, uh..." Travis died, threw the controller down. "What's up, man?" He'd taken on Kenneth as a roommate just a couple months ago on the recommendation of a mutual friend. While he was pretty up-front on shared expenses this sort of weekly histrionic play got old rapidly. Last time he'd found the poor guy laying in the garage for an hour. Seven days before that he walked into an early-morning "Breaking Bad" episode in the kitchen, complete with bubbling Pyrex bowls over hotplates.
"Mrph," Kenneth replied from somewhere beneath Mt. Domino's. Then, a little clearer: "I don't want to talk about it."
Travis eyed the television. Five minutes on the clock before the next match. The opportunity presented itself and he took it. "Bullshit. Look dude, this happens every week. Well not this," he waved at cold pizza all over the floor. "But like... something. I can take a lot but come on, man. What's up?"
There was a pause, heavy with meaning and saturated fats. "You really interested?"
"Yeah, man." Travis replied, faking it as hard as he could. "Whatcha got?"
The visible parts of Kenneth-- a set of torn denim jeans and half a red pullover-- hesitated, then extracted itself from underneath the cardboard mountain. Free of regrettable dietary choices he seemed well put together: Dirty blond hair, light hazel eyes and the kind of facial features artists would describe as "chiseled". He squinted at Travis for a moment, then lurched upright long enough to crash back into the nearby couch.
"So," he began, studying his roommate intently. "Did you... notice anything last night?"
Travis snorted. He was on a bender every night, working his way through the Call of Duty rankings while the plebs snored and dreamed of morning job queues. The night was his domain, but why not? He played along. "Not really, no. You have some nightmares?"
Kenneth sighed, looked away. Looked back. "OK, just- just bear with me. What if I told you," he motioned to the apartment wall facing the street, "A fifteen foot tall mutant ripped that wall off and abducted you for ransom?"
Travis stared at him for a long moment, serious concern stamped onto his features. Then he threw his head back and broke into uncontrollable laughter. "Holy shit are you cracked! Oh my God when Amy told me about-"
"Amy talked to you??" Kenneth interrupted, coming across the couch. He was sensitive about his ex. "What the hell! What did she say??"
Travis motioned for peace, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Dude, just... hahaha, just chill. She said crazy shit. Revenge stuff. I didn't take anything seriously, no worries! Bros before Hoes."
"What did she say??" Kenneth demanded.
A shrug, one hand waving in a flippant gesture. "Just how you were, like, always going on about saving her from kidnappings. Doomsday plots. She was into it for a while, I guess. Enjoyed the attention. But man," he made eye contact. "You gotta let that imagination go. I'm not dating guys. You don't need to pull that stuff with me."
Kenneth stared. Opened his mouth, reconsidered. Tried again. "She... thought I was making it up for attention?"
Travis laughed, open-mouthed and full body. "Bro," he got out in between chuckles. "The female mind is way better at that subtle shit. You were fooling absolutely no one but yourself. She was humoring you!"
"Humoring... me..."
The lobby timer dinged, signalling another round of play. Travis scrambled for the controller, then leaned back on the couch again as he found the groove. "Totally, man." He tossed out. "You don't need to do that any more."
Kenneth considered this as he stood up and stumbled towards the room he was living in. Along the way he brushed a handful of debris off the end table, leaving it in a dusty pile on the floor. "Don't need to do this anymore," he repeated tonelessly, pain filled eyes staring blankly ahead.

[Original Link]
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2020.02.27 21:56 occamscarvingknife Tarrant County, TX Possession Controlled Subst < 1 gram, first felony case. Attorney filing motion to suppress evidence from warrantless search. DA offered him 3 years deferred prob, but offer may change based on outcome of the motion.

He is charged with: Tx. Health & Safety Code Ann. § 481-115 Penalty Group 1 - Less than one gram—a fine of up to $10,000, at least 180 days in jail (and up to two years in prison), or both.
The arrest & search: He was sitting in his car, legally parked, no warrants, plates, stickers etc. all legal and up to date. He was in front of a convenient store (busy one, by the freeway) around noon, broad daylight. I have reason to believe his account of what happened so the assumption is that it is reliable for our purposes, in any case, the officer's account doesn't seem to differ from his at all from what I understand. He was sitting with his laptop out, and he had this glass container (clear with an opaque plastic top, like the Pyrex ones you'd keep leftovers in) sitting on top of the keyboard with a small amount of what I assume was heroin in it. He says he first noticed the cop just kind of standing there just out of his peripheral vision, I guess trying to see what he was doing through the back window. So he immediately pops the lid on and slides the Pyrex thing under his seat, which the cop evidently sees him do. After that, she asked for his license, etc. She asks what he's doing there, he says waiting for a delivery job in the area (he does deliveries for one of those grocery or other food delivery apps, I think grocery was what he was doing that day specifically), apparently he didn't have one but he was clocked in on the app and was in line to get one if and when it popped up in that area, which was true and was actually why he was sitting there parked. The cop took his ID, talked back and forth on her radio. He was visibly nervous and after a while even was shaking noticeably, which he says she commented on, but he didn't say anything he didn't need to say and all indications are nothing he said was anything to warrant further action on its own. After a few more minutes he asks if he's free to go, the cop says no. Another cop arrives, and at that point they tell him to step out of the car. He steps out of the car, closes he door behind him, then they tell him to turn around and they cuff him and begin to open the door to his car to which he says "I don't consent to a search" which they hadn't asked prior to that, and indeed he had not consented to any search. The cop replied "You don't have to" at which point they easily find the drugs. He has said multiple times and I believe him, that at this point he didn't say another word to the cops, and shut his eyes and refused to interact with them from that point on, despite several attempts on their part to get him to talk to them, going so far as to offer him a place to stay (he's homeless, lives in his car, which he'd said earlier when they asked if he still lived at the address in his license) if he'd talk to them, which I thought was pretty unnecessary on their part. After that, all he said to them was to say to leave his car where it was rather than have it impounded, a good call on his part as it turned out.
He got a court appointed attorney, who he says he likes overall, but isn't 100% sure of what to do. His attorney told him that both he and the D.A. he spoke with during the first court appearance, thought that the search was unusual and seemed to lack what would be necessary for a legal search without a warrant (I apologize for not recalling what it was called, but this was his first real court date with his attorney, and it was the one before his recent court date a few days ago which was called EVIDENCE EXCHANGE if that helps). Apparently his attorney sounded hopeful after the first court appearance and told him the DAs offer of 3 years deffered adjudacation probation (stays off your record if you complete it without problems), was good for a while anyway so it would be worth filing the motion to suppress the evidence from the search based on the information he had.
However, he said after this recent court date his attorney didn't seem as confident as before. Even saying "I could be wrong, and maybe the judge will know better than I do but ..." Before rehashing his initial points about the search being sketchy, which seems to be the general consensus, since he apparently hasn't come right out and said it was an illegal search, but that seems to be what he's relying on for the motion to suppress to be successful. The attorney also mentioned that the probation offer may go up, though he didn't specify whether the "deferred" part of it was in any danger of changing to possibly become straight probation which would stay on his record no matter what (though something makes me think that's less likely than it simply going up to like 5 years, but I don't know a whole lot about it either aside from having gone through probation years ago on a much lesser charge which had been deferred).
Sorry for the long-winded explanation, but my main concern is: How much of a gamble is he taking if he sticks it out and waits until the motion to suppress is either successful or gets overturned? If he goes for a plea deal after the motion fails, is it at all likely (even though Im sure it is possible) for him to end up with no option for deferred adjudacation or even jail time? My thinking was that in that scenario, they will likely go up to 5 years deferred if he pleas guilty, even after a failed attempt at the motion to suppress, in which case it may be worth the risk if it stands a decent chance of succeeding.
My other question is: (in very vague terms of course) is the motion to suppress at all likely to succeed, or can the cop just say they saw the drugs and it's game over? My assumption was that if they saw it they'd have said so in their report, but the report says all they saw was the Pyrex container with the lid shut evidently, and the fact that he was nervous (which the attorney assured him shouldn't be taken as cause to search on its own, even with him having the container since it's not drug paraphernalia, and there was no smell of marijuana, nothing else at all to point to there being drugs in the car.) My main concern is if it's possible for the cop to testify and just say they saw it to make themselves not look bad, or if it's more limited to what was in the report, so that hopefully they can't just haul off and start making stuff up and kill the motion immediately.
Bottom line, if there's not much of a chance of success for this motion, he'd be much better off just taking the 3 years deferred instead of risking 5 or who knows what else if the motion fails, but I don't know enough to say that with any real certainty, and this being a court-appointed attorney recommending this course of action (my friend didn't tell his attorney to file anything, this is all based on the attorneys judgement of the case and recommendation to go forward with the motion), even with him warning that it could always go the other way, I've almost never heard of a court appointed attorney recommending against taking the first deal they're offered, so I'm thinking there's gotta be something behind the fact that he would do so in this case.
If you need any other info or anything just let me know, I hope I posted this right. Thanks guys, let me know!
City: Fort Worth State: TX - Tarrant county, Possession of controlled substance under one gram, state jail felony (details at the top)
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2020.02.22 15:28 Baskin5000 Album of the Year #23: Dreamville - Revenge Of The Dreamers III

Apple Music
Background by Baskin5000
To preface, the background will be more focused on the label, and less about J. Cole.
Back in 2007, Fayetteville, North Carolina rapper J Cole and his manager Ibrahim Hamad decided to start a record label known as Dreamville Records. The first artist signed to the label was rapper Omen, from Chicago, who had met Cole after sharing music with each other via online forums. Both artists would go on to release mixtapes through the label for the first few years, notable ones including Friday Night Lights, and Afraid of Heights.
In early 2014, Cole announced while performing at Madison Square Garden, that Dreamville now has a distribution deal with Interscope Records, and handed out flyers to attendees announcing that a mixtape called Revenge of the Dreamers has been released. That same day rapper Bas from Queens was signed to Dreamville and featured on the mixtape with Cole and Omen.
In June of 2014, Cozz from Los Angeles was signed. In December of 2015, R&B singer Ari Lennox from D.C. was signed, rapper Lute from Charlotte was signed, and Revenge of the Dreamers II was released, featuring all the current label artists, and a few outside features.
In 2017, Dreamville signed East Atlanta (not Santa) rapper JID, and Atlanta duo EarthGang, comprising of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot. JID and EarthGang would grow to be Dreamville’s biggest artists, sin J. Cole.
On January 6 of 2019, Dreamville announced Revenge of the Dreamers III, but this wasn’t announcing the release date. This was announcing the beginning of what would be a 10 day recording session in Atlanta, extending invites to over 100 artists and producers to come and work on the album with them.
Singles including Middle Child and Down Bad were released, while Popup shops, brunches, private concerts, and even comics took were used to help promote the album.
On July 2 of 2019, REVENGE, the documentary was released on YouTube, documenting the 10 day process, and featuring snippets from many of the songs featured on the album. 3 days later, Revenge of the Dreamers III was released.
Review by Baskin5000
I will first be doing a track by track analysis, with an overall review and summary at the end.
Under The Sun (J. Cole and Lute feat. DaBaby)
The album opens up with a needle drop and a soul sample of “I’ll Be Waiting For You” by The Argo Singers. The sample then tapestops leading into a chopped up instrumental of the song and some booming 808s, with J. Cole mumbling,
“I done seen it all, oh my god”
before entering his verse with much more confidence.
“Nothing new under the sun, nobody fucking with son”
Thematically, the song is your typical braggadocio rap, but the confidence of Cole and the upcoming artists over the smooth soul sample gives the song much more prominence.
Coles verse leads directly into the hook, which to many listeners shock is a surprise feature from Kendrick Lamar. He says two simple lines that follow the braggadocios theme, and then it’s on to the next verse.
“I woke up for some money
Ayy, lil’ bitch, Too many opps in here tell me who you with.”
Lute from Dreamville raps the next verse, coming in with even more energy than Cole. He also raps about shooters, girls, and the now iconic line:
“Wish a nigga would like Liam Neeson”
Kendrick’s two-line hook is displayed again, and rapper DaBaby takes the last verse, and is the first of many non-Dreamville artists to officially feature on the album. Bragging ‘bout bagging girls back in college, guns, and even a reference to his self-defense shooting at a Walmart, he ends his verse shouting out his hometown Charlotte, which may be why Cole chose DaBaby for the opening track, as they share the same home state.
The theme of under the sun can mean everything the rappers have experienced in their lives. The “sun” motif is also played with multiple meanings, as Cole and Lute refer to themselves as sons, while Cole himself has a son, and talks of Sunday dinners.
Fun fact: The last time Kendrick and Cole’s voices were both on a song was on “American Dream” by Jeezy in 2017 but part of separate acts, and before that was “Forbidden Fruit” by Cole in 2013. Under the sun may be a great tease for fans of the duo, but to those thinking this might mean the long awaited collab album is coming, don’t get your hopes up.
The hungry lyrics, laid over the smoothness of the sample elevate the song to a memorable album opener.
Down Bad (Bas, EarthGang, J. Cole, JID feat. Young Nudy)
Down Bad was one of the lead singles of ROTD3, and is a posse cut of Dreamville rappers, and features East-Atlanta trapper Young Nudy. Nudy, JID, and EarthGang are all from Atlanta which may be why Nudy made the final cut of the song.
Nevertheless, Nudy breaks the song, as the opening sample gets filtered and reversed, bringing special attention to his verse. He delivers his signature flow, laid back yet still filled with energy, but his verse is cut off to tap in fellow East Atlanta rapper JID. One of Dreamville’s standout artists known for his fast doublet tip-tap cadence, he doesn’t cease to impress with strong lyrics and clever wordplay.
JID’s verse leads into the hook, mentioning how he had a hard knock life, but had to harden up if he wants to be the best at the rap game. The Dreamville torch then gets passed to Bas, whose verse compares Dreamville to track and field athlete Marion Jones, who cheated in the Olympics to gain an upper hand. He uses this comparison to say how it’s unfair how Dreamville is racing past the competition, while everyone else is slow like a heroin high.
Another hook and it leads to the head of Dreamville, J. Cole. Following the theme of being down bad, he raps about humble beginnings, and how hard work and pressure got him to where he is now, all while having kept a consistent yet complex rhyme scheme in the first half of his verse.
EarthGang member Johnny Venus delivers the final verse. Doctur Dot isn’t on the song, and there will be many times on the album that will credit EarthGang but only include one of the members. Even though he doesn’t talk about being down bad, he makes up for it in his energy and flow. Shout-out Even Stevens.
Overall, the song is a great banger and a good choice as one of the promotional singles. The instrumental is a fusion of rock and trap, with a heavy electric guitar and hard hitting trap drums. It also feels nostalgic giving early 2000’s (Toxic is the first song coming to mind) vibes with the high pitched instrument ringing throughout the track. Every artist gives an amazing performance with high energy.
LamboTruck (Cozz feat. REASON and Childish Major)
The anthem of the underappreciated. This song trades verses between Cozz of camp Dreamville, and REASON of Top Dawg Entertainment. The hook on this song is done by Childish Major, a renowned artist known for producing the tracks U.O.E.N.O (remixed by TDE) and 4 Your Eyez Only by Cole of Dreamville, which is fitting given the topic of discussion. Being the underdogs of their respective labels, the artists have an issue with being overshadowed by the more popular members, who have more favor for releases, features, pay, marketing, etc. etc.
Cozz begins talking about his lack of pay from the label, and how his “dreams” at Dreamville aren’t able to be fleshed out due to lack of funds and attention. Cozz wonders if REASON is having more luck at TDE, since everyone there has gotten special attention to their album releases, from Schoolboy’s recent album to Isaiah Rashad (Ironic). He’s hungry to be making more music, but it’s not in his favor. He’s been so frustrated he’s even considering popping a glock. This could either mean suicide, or more likely used to threaten the label to give him more attention. He brushes it off because that would be stupid to do, but still thinks he might blow a fuse if something doesn’t change soon.
REASON sings a different tune, talking about his lavish life as a rapper, getting money, getting girls and keeping up his image as a hardened West Coast rapper-wait, that’s a lie. He reveals to Cozz that he’s actually been broke for quite some time, the bills keep stacking up, and he can’t handle lying about his situation. Being surrounded by much more rich and famous artists at the Dreamville recording sessions got to him, and seeing J. Cole pull up to the studio in a Lamborghini truck was the straw that broke the camel’s back. REASON wants him and Cozz to rob Cole.
The third verse is a back and forth between REASON and Cozz, with Cozz pleading not to mug Cole, as he’s like a brother to him, and crossing your own brother is taboo. REASON isn’t listening since he isn’t that close to Cole, so it’s not much of a loss if Cole dies in the process. The argument reaches a climax when REASON makes an offer: He goes and robs Cole, while Cozz robs Top Dawg, the head of REASON’s label. Cozz agrees.
The outro by REASON summarizes the song, nice guys finish last, and if you want to get what you deserve, you have to take it for yourself.
This song is one of my personal favorites on the album, since the topic is one rarely heard in rap. Usually artists rep their collective as their family, and upon getting signed, the artist will always be taken care of. In hip hop it’s common to talk about how you used to be broke, but working hard has got you in a much better financial situation. It’s refreshing but also sad hearing how in the case of Cozz and REASON, they’re still broke even after getting signed to some of the most desired and prestigious rap collectives.
The back and forth arguing at the end of the song feels much more intense as their voices are panned to the left and right and the beat breaks, making the listener feel dead center of the altercation.
Swivel (EarthGang)
I’ll be keeping this track short since hammer_it_out is doing an AOTY review for Mirrorland and will most likely have a better analysis for this track (I will link once his review is out)
The track focuses on caution and paranoia (Always keep your head on a swivel) and the gangs talk about the dangers of living in Atlanta. Dot salutes a fallen friend Alan, whose cause of death remains ambiguous but can be inferred through the lyric,
“RIP my nigga Alan, damn, I wish you would’ve stayed at home”.
Venus’ verse tells a small story of his youth, not involved much in gang violence which he was thankful for, but still had a rough upbringing as both his parents were overworked for little pay. Things changed for the worse though when Ronald Reagan introduced the War on Drugs, which I’ll try to keep short. Instead of helping communities stay safe from the addictive nature of drugs (which he may or may not have deliberately introduced into lower income communities), the administration used the War as an excuse to target and jail minorities.
Now Venus is ironically surrounded by police brutality and death in what was once a safe neighborhood, and thinks solemnly that being dead would weigh less on him than needing to mourn for everyone else that has lost their lives.
After 3 faster and more aggressive tracks, Swivel serves as a nice break to ground the listener, and help lead into the next track with a similar vibe. The beat teeters between smooth/calm, and eerie/unnerving, helping instill the feelings of paranoia that the song is focused on.
Oh Wow…Swerve (J.Cole feat. Zoink Gang, KEY!, and Maxo Kream)
Zoink Gang is the newly formed collective of JID, Smino, Buddy, and Guapdad4000, having been created during the Dreamville recording sessions. Buddy even announced the group has enough songs for a tape. Although this is the only track on the album officially featuring Zoink Gang, many tracks on the album will feature 2 or more members of the group.
Oh Wow…Swerve is the combination of two tracks.
Oh Wow opens with a dreamy, slow instrumental as Zoink Gang can be heard conversing in the background, and then coming together to chant the hook. Layered vocals of the members sing in the background leading into Coles verse, an introspective verse about how people are truly happy is when they enter the afterlife. Some purposefully corny bars about Radioactive (he’s becoming self aware), and the verse ends with an alarm clock, telling the listener to stay woke even though it may feel better to be asleep. Zoink gang chants the hook again, and Oh Wow ends.
Swerve begins with an incredibly catchy hook from Atlanta’s KEY! talking about his car, the theme of Swerve. A slow but bouncy trap beat from Bizniss Boy is the instrumental for the song.
A car skrts in the background and the song shifts focus to H-town Maxo Kream, a standout verse showcasing his clever comparisons of pop culture to gang life. Some of my favorite lines of the album are from his verse. The following verse is by JID, but is cut off short, the listener only hearing about 4 or so lines. This could be payback for cutting off Nudy’s verse early back in Down Bad.
Oh Wow…Swerve is a nice double track, and although there is no real connection between the two parts of the song, it was probably combined as a way to transition back to banger territory from the solemnness of Oh Wow and Swivel. Swerve also doesn’t feature any Dreamville members bar the 4 bars from JID, so this could’ve been an excuse to get the track onto the album since Oh Wow does contain Dreamville members.
Don’t Hit Me Right Now (Bas, Cozz, Ari Lennox, feat. Yung Baby Tate, Guapdad4000 and Buddy)
Don’t Hit Me Right Now is a track packed full of different artists. The artists are tired of girls hitting up their phone, and are busy with other things, which is the theme of the song. The beat is bouncy and is fleshed out by Ari Lenox’s singing as she provides background vocals for the track.
Oakland’s Guapdad4000 sings an incredibly catchy hook (it won’t be his last on the tape) and the remaining artists deliver quick 8 bars. Bas takes the first verse, and his last line actually begins the first bar of Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate’s verse. With less rapping and more singing, her verse is also outstandingly catchy.
The hook is displayed again and Compton’s Buddy begins the following verse. Buddy arguably benefitted the most from the recording sessions in this album, being lucky enough to voice in 6 separate tracks on the album (a whopping 9 if we include the director’s cut), the most from any non-dreamville artist. He even beats some of Dreamville’s own artists in volume. Cozz finishes the last verse and the hook plays again, ending the song.
Overall, Don’t Hit Me Right Now is a nice party track, and is a fun song to listen to.
Well Fargo Interlude (JID, EarthGang featuring Guapdad4000 and Buddy)
However, the debatably most fun track on the album is an interlude. It begins with a skit from the credited artists imitating posh British accents, while preparing to rob a bank with bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, and muffins. The hook is the 4 artists chanting about how they’re about to rob the Wells Fargo. The beat is loud and rambunctious, and features some unique instruments imitating party horns to make the track extra playful. While the vocals and beat are in sync, the composition of either the hook or the beat (can’t tell which) is done so in a way to make it song sound off kilter, almost like the artists are coming in early/late and need to catch up to the beat. This is done on purpose as Johnny Venus is heard saying at the end:
“It’s just how you count it, it just depends on how you count it”
The verses are super quick, switching from one artist to the next before you even have time to realize they started rapping. The quickest song on the album, Wells Fargo makes a case of being one of the most HYPE songs of 2019. The energy in it is insane. Examples include the chanting of the chorus, the group finishing every bar for Johhny Venus, and Buddy cutting into the hook screaming:
If you haven’t watched the REVENGE documentary on youtube, I’d recommend scrubbing through until you find the clip of them recording this song. Seeing all these different people from across the country, having probably not even met each other prior to the recording sessions, have so much fun making a track captures the essence of what ROTD3 is about, getting people together to make great music.
Sleep Deprived (Lute, Omen, feat. Mez and DaVionne)
This track is another focused on overcoming hardships to reach success, so much so that the artists are sleep deprived from overworking. They also reminisce about past dreams and conquered goals.
Raleigh’s Mez and DaVionne (hometown not specified) are featured on this track. The beat is filled with natural drums that surround the room, with a crash symbol that slides between the left and right connecting the kick and snare. A funky bass riff plays in the background, and dreamy piano keys capture the reminiscing topics of discussion.
Lute begins talking about how thankful he is to be in his position to a girl he just met. To put it simply, even though saying Rap saved him is cliché, it’s true. He can live comfortably now, and watches as those who didn’t ride for him now want to be on his side. Lute manages to always bring hunger and energy in his verses, and the same goes for this one.
Mez picks up the next verse, talking about his dreams, and mentions that he used to want to sign to Cole in the early days of Dreamville. He reflects on the hard times and trauma he had to go through, and now it keeps him up at night, yet tells someone (his fans or his girl) not to stay up late worrying about him.
DaVionne delivers an amazing Chorus, catchy but meaningful, and Omen, one of the OG members of Dreamville, gives his first verse of the record. He talks about a failed relationship and trying to rid himself of her, yet still finds himself staying up late thinking about her.
Every artist on this track shined, and played the different aspects of why someone could be sleep deprived. Lute is sleep deprived from stress. Mez doesn’t want his fans or his girl losing sleep over him. DaVionne is carving her own path in life while haters are losing sleep from trying to figure her out, and Omen is up late thinking about a lost love.
Despite the topic of discussion, the vibe of the song is a mix between bounce and relaxation, and serves as another great bridge on the album as it delves into deeper, more meaningful cuts.
Fun Fact: Mez actually did have a back and forth with Cole on MySpace back when J. Cole went by “The Therapist”. This was probably around the same time Omen was chatting with Cole and would eventually go on to create Dreamville.
Self Love (Ari Lennox, Bas, feat. Baby Rose)
This song is for the self-conscious. The soulful Ari Lennox and Atlanta’s Baby Rose sing about struggling to fit in, and how it’s unhealthy to invest too much of yourself into someone else, when instead you should be loving yourself.
The chorus is short but impactful, “Self-love is the best love”. Ari Lennox croons her verse and her turn at the chorus, filling the air with vibrancy and emotion. Baby Rose sings the following verse and chorus with much more soul. You can feel the pain in her voice, and her performance is remarkable.
Both singers mention a failed relationship amidst their self-conscious thoughts, and Bas comes in to play the other side of relationship, saying how he led his girl astray and feels shame for making her feel the way she feels. He realizes this relationship isn’t healthy and a break is needed, because “Self-love is the best love”.
Another personal favorite of mine, it’s good to know you’re not alone when you feel down and out of place. Baby Rose killed her feature, and has an outstanding voice.
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies (JID feat. T.I.)
Based on “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Jay-Z, JID talks about his experience in past relationships with a little help from T.I. The beat uses a chopped up/reversed vocal sample and is slow and dreamy.
JID reminisces, from girls who tried to rob him, girls far more wealthy than him, girls’ brothers trying to shoot him, andeven girls who tried to say the N-word around him even though they aren’t black.
Some clever word play is used in his verse, such as:
“She be panty-less (penniless), so no panty lines…she fucked me, tryna pluck a couple bucks like a banjo…”
JID is almost always rapping with a faster flow, so it was a nice change of pace to see him rap so smoothly over a slower track.
ATL’s T.I. is the guest of the track, talking about his past relationship with a girl named Loraine, and how karma from “loving” a woman too hard is bound to come back to you, so you can get that same lovin’.
I feel like it has to be mentioned given the recent T.I. controversy, but it is pretty hypocritical about rapping about past relationships, and how fucking a girl really well will come back to you as good karma, while at the same time giving your daughter regular hymen checks to make sure she isn’t having sex. Nevertheless, T.I’s verse fit the song well, and did well as a guest feature.
Costa Rica (Bas, JID feat. Mez, Buddy, Jace, Reese LAFLARE, Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, and Guapdad4000)
Another posse cut on the album but one highlighting the features much more than the Dreamville artists. CuBeatz makes the melody on this beat, with their signature of complex, catchy instruments. Pyrex Whippa known for his bouncy drums doesn’t disappoint, adding the percussion on this cut.
This posse cut is aimed for flexing, each artist giving their own unique sauce for their verses. Reese from Atlanta begins with a standard trap verse, talking of fendi pants, slatt, and plenty of girls. The verse gets passed to Bas, who uses a clever simile telling his jeweler to make a piece out of his heart since it’s so icy cold.
Guapdad4000 shows his amazing hook skills once over, yelling how he’s got plenty of fans and plenty of bands in the popular tourist country of Costa Rica.
Jace’s verse is filled with pop culture references, from Norman Bates to Rihanna, and Raleigh NC’s Mez delivers a fast rhyme scheme in the latter half of his verse. Guapdad sings the hook again and the drums cut out for South Florida’s Smokepurpp, who’s funny lines paired with a laid-back tone make them even more humorous, examples include:
“Forty-five on me, shit hot like a pocket (doo-doo)”
“Got your baby mama doing drugs in the moshpit”
JID is back to his fast cadence, bouncing off the walls from topic to topic, and ending his verse somewhat humorous saying that at the airport before flying to Costa Rica, a girl mistook him for Swae Lee.
After the third hook, Buddy is back on the album track, also with a humorous verse, and even comparing himself to Ernest Hemingway because he’s been writing so much, which is why he’s on so many songs.
Ski Mask, also from South Florida, holds the final verse. A long awaited one at that after a snippet surfaced of him in the studio during the Dreamville recordings, with almost a dozen artists all chanting his bars and going absolutely crazy. He also uses his signature style of fast flows and humorous references. I might be biased being from South FL but it’s nice seeing so many rappers fuck with him, and even having him and Purpp be invited amongst the other artists during the ‘Ville sessions.
1993 (J.Cole, JID, Cozz, EARTHGANG feat. Buddy and Smino)
“Every album gotta have a weed song.” `-Danny Brown.
Much like many rap albums, a dedicated song to the wonderful flower that is bud is needed, but this one has more of a twist. The artists are having a smoke sesh trying to relax after a day of recording during the Dreamville sessions. If you’ve ever seshed with friends, you know that there’s always going to be the one friend who’s high enough to think he can freestyle some bars and impress the group. Usually while attempting to freestyle, the blunt stays burning in their hand, and it’ll be ages before it finally gets passed.
Take that scenario, but everyone in the group is a famous rapper. Buddy is not having it, and tries to stop everyone attempting to spit so that they can just chill and enjoy the sesh. Every rapper talks about their experiences with the drug, only to be abruptly cut off by Buddy who just wants the damn blunt to be passed. The highlight of the song is the skit at the end, just hearing all the rappers just laughing while Buddy is trying to quiet the room down, and points out:
“This nigga J. Cole, he done grew some dreads, he think he smoke now”
It’s definitely one of the funniest lines on the album and it’s not even part of the song, it’s a skit.
I really enjoyed this song because like Wells Fargo, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously, but as a song/skit combo it does well enough to be funny without crossing the line of corny.
Rembrandt…Run It Back (J. Cole, JID feat. Vince Staples)
Rembrandt…Run It Back is another 2 part song, and Rembrandt opens up with a vocal pitched JID giving warning to anyone who might try to mess with him or Dreamville.
JID and Cole both have verses on Rembrandt, talking about how their group is better than others in the game. A boastful song, both verses also feature 2 word couplets, using a limited vocabulary to help paint the picture (like artist Rembrandt van Rijn) showing their superiority.
The hook is displayed again with gunshots ending Rembrandt, as Run It Back starts to play. Long Beach CA’s own Vince Staple’s voice can be heard trying to get someone’s attention. He’s confused and wonders if this is the Dreamville recording session he’s been hearing about.
He then begins his albeit short verse with energy, boasting of his guns, clothing, cars, and fearlessness in the face of violence. He ends the verse warning someone not to get killed by the police, before his verse is cut off by fully automatic gun.
Both 2-part songs on this album seem to have the second song only populated by non-Dreamville artists. As I mentioned earlier this is probably why they’re attached to the first song which does feature Dreamville, as a way to still have it listed on the album.
Sunset (J. Cole feat. Young Nudy)
Pyrex provides another bouncy trap beat, this time with help from ChaseTheMoney. Originally called God Flinch, this track was rumored to include a Drake feature due to a photo online of Drakes name attached to a first draft of credits for the song, and a photo of him riding in J. Cole’s RR around L.A. J Cole mentions riding the Rolls Royce in L.A, and includes the bar, “2-6 god” which could also be interpreted as “To 6-god”, but to many fans dismay, the track does not include Drake.
J. Cole’s hook plays a cliché on the “Roses are red…” poem, saying roses are red while his diamonds are blue. His pockets are green from being filled with money all the time. He mentions how he wants to get a house in LA, and later explains why in his verse due to how he almost got killed in his hometown being mis-recognized in a drive-by.
Young Nudy is back again (with a full verse this time) and uses his laid back flow to contrast his trap/drill filled lyrics. Thematically, the song isn’t very significant, however it’s still catchy to listen to if you need a banger.
Got Me (Ari Lennox, Omen feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Dreezy)
Ari Lennox and L.A’s Ty $ tag team in this R&B deep cut, singing of their loyalty to their lover, as long as their lover is just as loyal. Much like every album needing a weed song, if there’s an R&B track and Ty $ is featured it’s bound to be a vibe. Ari sings the following verse after Ty, talking about how just much more special she is as a lover than the other fish in the sea. Omen and Chicago’s Dreezy finish the cut with rap verses, but still fit the theme of the song as they discuss how grateful they are for their partner, and their partner for them.
Like I said, the song is a vibe, plain and simple. The beat is very trapsoul, and allows the singers to shine. The rappers’ verses give support in order to make a catchy, quality, R&B track on this album. After what was about 5 trap-inspired songs previously, this is a nice change of pace yet again, showcasing the album’s diversity.
Middle Child (J. Cole)
A solo track by J. Cole, Middle Child was released under his name in January of 2019. Originally believed to be a single for what would be his next album, it was actually the first of many singles to be released promoting Revenge of the Dreamers III. A full brass section opens the song, serving as the basis of the song’s instrumental. Cole opens with a refrain, talking about his enemies and how he’s coming to get them.
His first verse discusses how he isn’t into hard drugs, but may babysit some drinks and smoke ‘sum. He talks of wanting to support his friends and peers who aren’t in as lucky a position as Cole. A common theme of his is again expressed of him giving thanks to the rap idols of the past for giving him a source of inspiration.
His refrain repeats and transitions into the hook, a chant of boasting, and telling other rappers that no amount of money or street cred will make you real.
The second verse fits more into the theme of Middle Child. Cole feels like the middle child, bridging the gap of the older, more lyrical generation of rappers, and the new wave of trap-heavy beats carrying the songs of rappers with more minimalistic lyrics. He mentions talking with 21 Savage and Kodak Black, using them as a means to spark a discussion about how too many minorities are jailed. The lack of proper guidance due to generational trauma is leading to mass incarceration and infighting, which Cole hopes to fix. The chorus plays again, a quick outro and the song ends.
Overall the song accomplishes its purpose. Just like merging the two wings of rap, it’s conscious and delivers its message prominently, while still being modern/poppy enough to be played at functions. Even though Cole says he doesn’t drink much, he talks about needing a very strong drink, “something he can feel” in the chorus. This could either mean hard liquor or lean. It’s argued whether he’s talking in first person perspective, or in the perspective of a typical new age rapper, but it’s still cleverly used as a way to keep the hook catchy. It’s modern enough to have playability at parties, (similar to Swimming Pools, albeit not as powerful imo) which is very smart from a marketing standpoint, making it a hit.
Fun Fact: J. Cole is not actually a middle child.
PTSD (Omen feat. Mereba, Deante’ Hitchcock, and St. Beauty)
The penultimate track, PTSD is one of the most slept on songs of the album due to the lack of star-studded guests.
What sound to be chopped vocals and a melancholic piano open up the song, with natural/rhythmic drums keeping the time. The theme of the song is just like the title-PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder usually develops in people who have witnessed a traumatic event, with its effects being triggered reactions within those affected regarding the event. The artists on this track talk about traumatic events in their lives and how it has affected them.
Mereba from Alabama begins by speaking to an unnamed figure. This figure is no longer with her, with clues hinting to death by being shot. Now Mereba reflects and understands that this is the reason why she has trouble sleeping at night, and needs to sleep with a gun in order to feel safe.
Deante’ has the next verse, very deeply and emotionally talking about his regrets through life. He’s carrying the thoughts of those close to him on his shoulders, not because they died, but because they failed to live out their dreams and are doing so vicariously in him. His fortune and fame is causing him guilt and shame.
Omen has the closing verse of the song, and his trauma revolves around his sister. On a Tuesday he saw her walking with her kids, which normally is no issue, only it was at midnight. It finally dawned on Omen that rumors he’s heard of his sister being homeless are true, and that she was living on the streets. He was so in shock that he left her on the street before they could talk. The trauma is that he hadn’t seen her for years prior to that encounter, and hasn’t seen her since. Omen prays that he can get closure and the chance to talk to her before one of them dies.
St. Beauty sings a refrain, and Buddy closes out the song with a more uplifting outro, chanting with many of those in the studio with him about how this (being the song or the album) is for the homies…and the hoes.
Sacrifices (J. Cole, EARTHGANG feat. Smino and Saba)
An album later and here we are. Is it really a closing track if it doesn’t have Smino and Saba? No need to worry about that here, as Chi-towns Saba and St. Louis’ Smino both have verses on this song.
A guitar can be heard picking in the background, and a fast drum break leads into the beat of the song. Johnny Venus is the only EARTHGANG member on the song, but his two verses make up for Dot’s absence. His signature voice croons as he talks about a near death experience. The hook is short but meaningful.
“I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices. Cutthroat... rabbit’s toe... I suppose... maybe that’s what life is”
His second verse gets more enthusiastic. Olu’s voice pans between the left and right ear as he yells two words at a time, only to slow back down again for his hook. St. Louis’ own Smino raps the next verse, a smooth feature showcasing his unique style of wordplay and flow. Smino always shines on closing tracks, and this is another example for that. The same goes for Saba, who goes next. His rhyme scheme is consistent, and near the end of his verse it really shows off.
J. Cole has the last verse, and it’s honestly one of the best verses I’ve heard from him, period. He wrote more meaningful lyrics about how he loves his wife in a single verse than Chance did on an entire album. He also mentions cleverly how he went from Huey Freeman to Ed Wuncler from the Boondocks to describe how he went from being as conscious as he was pre-fame, to now a rich, disconnected man. It’s one of his most memorable verses, and the singing at the end really sells it. The way the beat rides at the end serves as a great album closer.
Revenge of the Dreamers III accomplished what a lot of other collaborative/label albums fail to achieve, being a critically good album. It has structure, flow, and consistency throughout. Much like critically good solo albums, there are high points and low points, a diverse mix of bangers and deep cuts, and track placement is perfect. The album is divided into small sections that help separate the tracks by feel, but short enough so the vibe doesn’t get stale.
One of the main reasons this album is as good as it is, is because of the features. ROTD3 broke new ground, and inviting so many artists to help work on the album sparked waves of creativity that we will continue to see. Many songs from the Dreamville sessions may not see the light of day, but non-Dreamville artists will eventually have a track or two that was recorded at the time. The relationships formed such as ZoinkGang, Cozz and REASON, etc may also not have happened, and we may get more collaborative music in the future from them.
The last time an event on this scale occurred was probably during the recording of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While Kanye helped craft his album with the help of his legendary connections like Jay-Z, Rza, etc. Cole went a different route, and focused on the new school. He even minimized having more noticeable features, having only 2: Kendrick as an uncredited feature and a single verse from T.I.
Doing so gave the new school a chance to show their hunger, and maybe even served as a competition; since so many artists were at the studio, only the best of the best could get featured on the album. Standout performances from people like REASON, Buddy, and Guapdad4000 may introduce them to new audiences, who may never have given them a chance beforehand.
Even though this is a feature stacked album, it’s a Dreamville tape at heart. Dreamville didn’t disappoint. Every member came through, and reminded listeners why it was called Revenge of the Dreamers in the first place. Dreamville has done a lot better than other labels at showcasing their in-house talent, and gives each artist multiple spots on the album to exemplify their prowess (I’m looking at you, TDE and Cactus Jack). It was also a nice change of pace for J. Cole, his verses were much less serious than his solo work, and you can tell he really had fun when making the album.
I really hope this album inspires more rap collectives/labels to make their own collab tapes. I also hope this makes it more acceptable for said collab tapes to accept help from outside artists. Revenge of the Dreamers 3 is a standout album in 2019, and definitely earned its Grammy nomination.
FAVORITE LYRICS by baskin5000
“Potato over my gun”
“Pistol grips get to squeezing, wish a nigga would like Liam Neeson”
Lute – Under the Sun
“Let a nigga cover Fader ‘fore I have to fade a nigga at the Fader Fort”
JID – Down Bad
“Maxo talk a lot of shit but is he really ‘bout that life?
Is a pig’s pussy pork and can a caterpillar fly?
Go Go Gadget, toting ratchets, beam attachment on the side”
Maxo Kream – Oh Wow…Swerve
“Had so many adventure times, we used to run from the jakes
To make it for Southside, we do whatever it takes
It was apartheid when my barber parted my fade
‘Cause now I’m pulled left and right by Keshia and Adrinae”
Mez – Sleep Deprived
“I got the Mike Jack’ nose, just before the vitiligo,
Norman Bates with the eights, I’ma go psycho,
Laundromat with a temper, this a vicious cycle,
Feel like Rihanna, bitches go wherever I go”
“Niggas got me tight like Arthur’s fist and shit”
“I started sucking on her titty, put my thumb in her ass
She had a little one, it really wasn’t nothing to grab, I did it anyway.”
“I’m feelin’ like Goku, bitch, I need your energy, uh, um, okay, huh. Going on a date with an AK”
Jace, Mez, Buddy, and Ski Mask the Slump God – Costa Rica
“I push pack like USPS, you is a bitch”
Smino – 1993
“See a nigga in all red from the North with the pole, it ain’t Santa Claus
Brought my gifts to Atlanta, I’m Atlanta Claus
I can smell you pussy with the panties off”
“It’s astigmatism, you got poor sight, let the bitches forget it, I do it Alzheim”
“I’m a real soulful nigga, collard greens inside your speakers”
Smino – Sacrifices
TALKING POINTS by baskin5000
• Would you like to see another collaborative album made similar to the Dreamville recording sessions? Will there be more events like this in the future?
• How does Revenge of the Dreamers III rank compared to other label albums? (ex. Beast Coast, JackBoys, TDE/Black Panther soundtrack)
• Who was your favorite Dreamville artist on the album? Your favorite non-Ville Artist?
• Has this album introduced you to any new artists? Will you be exploring more of the artists featured on this album?
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2020.01.16 15:30 thewinberry713 Help with patterns Corelle, Corning and Pyrex

Hi all, I’ve been googling vintage patterns etc but not coming up with a directory of patterns with dates made. I’m looking for Pyrex with related crossover Corelle dinnerware. Does anyone know of a site like this? I did like the microwave cooking for one site, looking for more tho. I have mismatched Corelle plates, bowls etc and I’m interested in streamlining patterns or completing sets. For example I find a cool plate in thrift and want to know what if anything might accompany it. Hopefully you all sort of know what I’m talking about. So thanks! And happy collecting 👍
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2020.01.09 22:46 Anthony_Vapes Anthony Vapes: Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA Review

Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA. Please see bottom for disclaimers and links. Note this is marked as a sample


The Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA is the latest RTA from popular company Vandy Vape. Vandy Vape started in 2017 and since then have become very popular and pumped out a ton of products. I’ve reviewed over 20 of their products over the past year or so personally and they are pretty hit and miss overall making some really good stuff and also some really bad stuff. It’s basically a coin flip at this point. In 2019 they have continued to be hit and miss so far releasing a really good rugged mod in the jackaroo,a good lightweight power mode mod in the swell, a good MTL RTA in the berserker V1.5 mini, and a good affordable mech tube in the bonza. However they had their missteps with the AP kit, pairing the bonza mech with an unsuitable RDA, and a bad tank with the jackaroo, and a bad trident kit due to the pairing and coils, the bad berserker V2 RDA and of course the really awful kylin m RTA that shouldn’t have existed. So let's see which side of the fence this falls on. The widowmaker is a dual or single coil RTA for DTL vaping and is 25mm at the base with a postless deck and a 5 or 6ml capacity. It’s available in 7 colors Matte Black, SS, Frosted Grey, Gold, Blue, Rainbow and Gunmetal. Elementvape has them at 41.95 in stock in the US so a little on the pricey side by a few dollars.

Manufacturer's Specs

Included in box:

Pictures Album:


Initial Impressions and features

When I first got this RTA It was pretty much what I expected. Like the RDA it has replaceable AFC tubes and outside of that it’s a pretty standard bottom/side airflow RTA with a postless deck. Also nice to see rebuildables though so I was pretty happy to see a RTA over a pod but outside of that nothing groundbreaking here.

Build Deck and Wicking (pics above)

Let’s talk about the build deck now. It’s a basic Postless deck. The post holes are nice and large to accommodate any wire type you’d use in this really. The post screws are nice quality hex grub screws (which are my favorites) and they include a spare set of 4 (spares are flat head grub screws). The screws come in from the side in a way that flat wires like fused claptons won’t be bent when installing. Since it is postless you do need to precut your leads. And like other VV rebuildales they include a coil cutting tool and it’s marked at 5mm. Personally I found 5mm leads to be great so well done there. The build area is a good size. You can fit 4mm ID coils in there for dual coil config. Single coil you can go even bigger 6mm+. Overall it’s an excellent deck that’s easy to build on and one of my personal favorite types of decks, but may not be ideal for new builders because postless decks aren’t always the easiest to build on since you have to pre-cut your leads but they did include the tool to make that easier
Wicking on this one is super easy. It wicks pretty well so you don’t need to go super thin on your wicks. Just a normal amount. Not special tricks or anything needed here.


Performance wise, I used it as a single coil RTA and a dual coil RTA. I ran 4 builds in it. 1 single coil 5mm ID round wire build, 1 dual coil 4mm ID fancy build, 1 dual coil fancy 3mm ID build, and 1 dual coil 4mm ID round wire build. I also used all 3 air inserts with each build and tried using all 3 options (bottom only, side only, bottom and side) As a dual coil RTA I found it overall lacking flavorwise compared to many of the good ones on the market now and even some older ones. It does perform ok overall though. Best with a large build and the honeycomb airflow all wide open but still just ok. Where I found it worked best is with a big fancy single coil build and bottom airflow only open. Still not as good as the 2017 RTA options or even the aromamizer lite of 2019, but still better than many of the 2018 single coil RTAs. it may not be the best, but it is one of the top options you can find now. So overall it’s lacking as a dual coiler but ok for round wire users, but really best as a single coiler with a big fancy single coil in it, I do like that it is versatile though. It’s very similar to the blotto RTA performance wise.

Overall Impressions, Details, and Extras

It’s a Bottom and side Airflow RTA with 3 AFC caps to use. One is a circle, one is a honeycomb and 1 is an oval. It has separately adjustable side and bottom airflow. Fully open it’s a pretty airy DTL but can be used as a restricted DTL with adjustments or using the bottom air only. The AFC for both the bottom and side airflows are pretty easy to adjust but a little stiff.
The top fill is your standard screw off top cap to expose the 1 large fill hole. It’s not a full unscrew though, it’s one of those quarter turn ones to pop it off which I love. Well done there and easy to open and close. The fill hole is a great size and can be filled with any type of bottle but I wouldn’t just pour it in from a glass bottle. There is also a good amount of accessories that come with it, It sadly only comes with 1 drip tip though which is a clear friction fit 810 tip. It looks nice but I wish they would have included a 2nd tip. They do include a 510 adapter. It fits good though and pretty much any 810 tip should fit well in this RTA. It also comes with 2 tanks a standard 5ml glass and a 6ml bubble glass. I like the 2 tank options but wish it was more than a 1ml difference for the bubble tank. They include plenty of spare o-rings, 4 spare post screws as well and an allen wrench and coil lead cutting tool. No cotton but they do include 2 clearly labeled coils which are tri-core fused clapton A1 wire 27g x 3 + 32g 3mm ID 5 wraps.
The quality on the Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA is good. It’s a 25mm diameter RTA so it should fit easily on most mods. The 6ml capacity is really good with the bubble tank and the 5ml straight tank is good too. Unlike most RTAs these days, the widowmaker does have a JFC. Personally I just left mine fully open and I had no leaking or flooding issues and it handled chain vaping really good as well. Branding is nice and simple. Just the widowmaker logo engraved on the AFC tube.




So with all that said, do I recommend this RTA or not? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, and this one I have to put at 50/50. It’s not a bad RTA by any means but really is better off being used as a single coiler and i have at least a dozen if not 2 dozen ones sitting on a shelf that perform better than it already and most people who own a dual coil RTA made in the past 2 years probably have one as well. With that said, it does make a good performing single coiler while it may not be the best, it is going to be one of the top 5 or so still available today in that regard if you use the bottom airflow only and close off the side airflow. So overall I mean I wouldn’t avoid but I wouldn’t rush out and tell people to buy it either hence the 50/50. I won’t be adding this to my sheet of recommendations you can see linked down below. Feel free to check that out if you are in the market for anything new.
This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and I'll catch you on my next review.

Product Disclaimer

This product was sent to me from vandy vape

Review Disclaimer

Due to possible QC difference your experience may vary.

Reviewer Disclaimer

I’ve been doing vape reviews since late 2016 and have done over 400 reviews to date. I enjoy helping vapers on forums as well and helping contribute to the great vape community. I’m not an “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be thorough at all times and have enough experience with many products to tell what’s good and what’s not. All mods get tested with an oscilloscope and stress tested and results are posted in my reviews.

Recommendations and Past Review Links

written reviews list here
Youtube Channel here
Spreadsheet of Recommendations here
Best of 2019 so far list here
Best of 2018 list here
Best of 2017 list here
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2019.11.29 20:19 kirklandh201 SkyBlue Vapor Announces Exciting Offers for Black Friday

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If you are not aware, SkyBlue vapor has been listed among the top vaporizer brands that craft low-temperature vape pens with a lifetime warranty. These electronic vaporizers are meant to vaporize essential oils, dry herbs & flowers, and wax & concentrates. SkyBlue vaporizers use conduction method to heat the oils, herbs, & wax concentrate to produce large clouds of vapors for inhalation purposes.

Hot Discounts by SkyBlue Vapor

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This is your golden chance to grab Sklyblue Vapor’s Deluxe Vape Pen kit at half price. A spokesperson from the SkyBlue vapor revealed that the Deluxe Vape Pen Kit includes 1 Travel Case, 1 SkyBlue Vapor™ Battery, 1 SkyBlue Concentrate Atomizer, 1 Full Ceramic Plate Concentrate Atomizer, 1 Pyrex Glass Globe w/ Dual Coil Atomizer, 1 Terp Cell™ Cartridge .5ml, 2 - 510 Thread Cartridge Adapters (Pre-Attached), 1 Dry Herb Atomizer, 1 Mouthpiece / 1 Mouthpiece Cover, 2 SkyBlue Dab Slabs™, 1 Micro USB Charger, 1 Packing Tool, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 SkyBlue Vapor™ Non-Stick Container, and 1 User Manual. Its working voltage/current ranges from DC 3.3V to 4.2V and the atomizer resistance is 2.3 – 2.6 O. It takes 1-2 hours to get fully charged.

Their atomizers are highly safe because they are made from the FDA Food Grade Ceramics, Si02 Quartz, Environmental Titanium, and Medical Grade Stainless Steel. That means you get to buy the highest quality vape pens, atomizers, and accessories at thrilling prices.

About SkyBlue Vapor
SkyBlue vapor is a Pennsylvania based company that aims at satisfying its customers to the best in every possible way, as client satisfaction is their top most importance as it helps in long term healthy relationships.

For more information, you can read SkyBlue FAQ page or contact through SkyBlue Vapor’s Contact Page
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2019.11.22 10:10 BrainDrainMang Was anyone else introduced to DXM by South Park?

So this is a trip report of my very first experience with DXM from like 10 + years ago when I was 14. At this age I was basically just a stoner. Smoked weed as much as I could.. had long hair.. barely had a few experiences with alcohol under my belt. No other drugs yet. Had barely just discovered what drugs were.. “Whaaat you can change how you feel with substances?? Love it”
Some friends and I were watching that episode of South Park where some of the druggie students at school were getting high on cough syrup.
The episode piqued my curiosity and I did some research on the internet and found out that YES indeed, you could get very high on cough syrup and it was pretty safe so long as you calculate your dosage based on your body weight and stick with only DXM. The very thought of chugging cough syrup made me shudder and so I dug deeper and found a simple extraction technique so long as you used Delsym.
*I was unaware that it was time released and this is an important note for later*
So after the conclusion of my research we were excited and got on some bikes and made the long trip into town. The plan was to head into Winco and fill a backpack with Delsym xD. I was scared of stealing so I waited outside while my friends did the dirty work. Lol.
Mission success!
Upon arriving at home I got down to business and extracted all the Poh-Lis-Ti-Rex Crystals :D
I used some empty milk jugs (clean ofc) for the extractions and then got out as much water as I could and dumped the grainy sludge water into a large rectangle pyrex brownie pan. Shook it around a bit to even things out and let it settle again.
There were 4 of us total and we weren’t about to wait days for it to evaporate so we got some straws and drew an X so there were 4 rectangles, one each. 1-2-3 slurp. We all took straws and slurped up as much crystals from our square as we were able to.
And then.. We waited. I remember heading to the park near my house and hanging out there for a while. Watching the clock of course. 2 hours had passed and we were starting to worry it wasn’t going to work.. Everything on the internet told us we should definitely feel it by the 1.5 hour mark.. After 3 hours had passed and we felt absolutely nothing I was upset so I took some kool-aid and dumped it into the extraction pan with all the remaining crystals and swirled it around and chugged it all.
I’ve always been extremely thin. Basically zero body fat. When I was 14 I was also extremely short. I would be surprised if I was 100lbs I don’t remember though.
Anyways who knows exactly when but eventually we started to feel the effects.
Whenever I think of this part it brings to my mind Hunter S. Thompsons quote on mescaline.
"Good mescaline comes on slow. The first hour is all waiting, then about halfway through the second hour you start cursing the creep who burned you, because nothing is happening...and then ZANG!"
Anyways as you all can expect we all started getting very high at around the 4 hour mark. I believe the delay was a combination of it being our first time and also probably stomach contents. For me specifically I started getting higher and higher and higher… Due to my low body weight and my reckless redosing lol. ( I still clearly haven’t learned my lesson, I’ve since made a few mistakes with redosing before drugs have had enough time to take full effect)
This was an incredibly new experience for all of us. Being that it was so long ago I can’t recall the exact details but I experienced some life changing effects for the first time. I’ll try to outline a few personally memorable moments below.
The #1 most memorable feeling was my first experience with drug induced music euphoria. I fell in love. I remember listening to Ratatat and The Gorillaz and it was just blowing my mind. I took my two computer speakers and held them up to my ears like headphones and just got lost.
I also remember a lot of strange time effects, for example I would be walking up the stairs and it almost felt like I just glitched to the top. Hard to describe. Like my memory kept skipping.
I don’t remember exactly what I was feeling but I remember sitting on the ground in the middle of the room in front of the front door with my legs tucked into my chest with my eyes closed. (think squatting fetal position) and I kept saying “I’m in a box, I’m in a box, I’m in a box” lol. My best friend was like “are you okay”. =P idk what I replied with but I was definitely ok, just higher than I’d ever been or known was possible.
At some point I remember sitting on the couch and my friend put on Robocop and I had my first (and only to date) out of body experience. I remember seeing us sitting there from the perspective of the ceiling.
At another point I decided to play a game. It was Flyff, a free mmorpg and I was just grinding.. Killing random mobs. Some random person asked me if I was a bot lol. I was probably just clicking on my enemies and auto-running over to them and auto-attacking them slowly to death over and over and moving on. Makes sense why he would think that haha. I ended up talking to him and telling him that I was tripping and he talked to me a bit to make sure I was okay.
Another experience was my best friend said we rode on a bike (me on back pegs I guess) and we lit off some old fireworks (the ones that spin all colorful on the ground) for some reason I hardly remember this if at all. Guess it wasn’t that memorable for me.
I think these are all the important points of the trip that I can recall.
This experience opened my mind to the idea that there are many amazing drugs that most people would never know about or experience. I ended up developing a hobby that I never really lost for researching different substances on the internet and it was a goal to try all the good ones.
Oh and I loved DXM and had many more experiences and introduced many people at my school to it. Had no idea about tolerance and I don’t think the 1 plateau per week rule/suggestion existed back then. My friend group ended up completely burning out our NMDA receptors and eventually quit using DXM as it stopped being fun, had killed our appetites and taste buds, and our brains felt like mush.
I even tried tripping years later and had a very unpleasant experience then as well. To this day I think I’m probably the only one of them that ended up experimenting with DXM again.
My receptors are finally back to baseline I think and I now can enjoy DXM once again and I’m doing my best to space out trips enough to get the most out of them every time and not turn my brain back into mush haha.
Much respect if you managed to read this whole thing!
Thank you for reading!
And thank you South Park!! Haha
Happy Tripping everyone <^_^>
submitted by BrainDrainMang to dxm [link] [comments]

2019.11.17 22:12 HBOneill Writing Prompt Story 3

Christmas Bizarre

This Reddit writing prompt is from u/JJ_blocks
Your Family Reunites For Thanksgiving Dinner. However, All-Hell Breaks Lose When Your Father (A Necromancer) Revives The Turkey.
NB living in a non-Thanksgiving Day neck of the woods (the UK) I’ve taken the liberty of changing the event date to Christmas Day when we all very much do enthusiastically tuck in to turkey. Or don’t as the case may be… (hope that’s Okay)
All families have traditions on Christmas Day, I assume so at least. Ours has always been Church-Graveyard-Pub-Home-Queen’s Speech-Dinner-Puddings-After Eight Mints-Sofa-Doctor Who-Tubs of Chocolate-Mince Pies-Sherry and Zzzzzs. All pleasant, predictable, calm and cosy enough. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything different this year.
The turkey had arrived in a hessian sack from Ireland. From a farm in Leitrim to be precise. Not a farm like Bernard Mathews might run – this one was more of a traditional Irish - a few acres, a bit of livestock and a hay barn. Very organic you might say. This particular turkey had been used to having the run of the yard - eating small stones to aid his digestion, gobbling at seed-thieving chickens, strutting around nonchalantly, occasionally pecking at the cats and their kittens for sport – indeed he’d been a proud purveyor of all activities on the contented turkey spectrum. He’d had it good in every aspect - there were even five female turkeys on the farm but no other males. No one to challenge his dominance or encroach on his domain. He was as happy a fowl as ever lived. Had been since the day he’d chip chip chipped his way out of his mother’s egg and shook himself free.
Of course, he wasn’t to know it wouldn’t always be that way. And I imagine he wasn’t best pleased when his laid-back Lovely Leitrim lifestyle ended with a quick wring of the neck behind the aforementioned hay barn. In fact, after today’s events I can categorically state that was indeed the case.
Mum is maybe to blame. Partially at least - I’d always thought she’d said that Dad was a New Romancer when she’d met him. I’d imagined them smooching to the tunes of Spandau Ballet, dad wearing ruffled cuff shirts and perhaps sporting an ill-judged Flock of Seagulls haircut. It had been a pleasant, pseudo-amusing and rather harmless imagining. I’d never asked for photographic evidence as I was of the opinion that imagined embarrassment was more than enough. I didn’t want too much detail to haunt me at night. All parents seem capable of embarrassing their kids but I had hoped to limit their scope. I really should have listened more carefully when Mum was trying to explain though.
We visited our dear-departed after 11 o’clock Mass. The graveyard was teeming as it always is on this day – nods and waves to fellow once-a-yearers – a few handshakes then on to the laying of wreaths and the lighting of candles and some solemn staring at stones etched with a loved one’s name. It felt, as ever, the most important and evocative event of the day.
It was only when we were down the pub that things took a turn for the surreal.
“Wow, you’re drinking quick, Dad. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask - why did Uncle Peter send us that turkey?”
“Well, it’s twenty-five years since our first Christmas in England and he’d sent one that year. Maybe he’s getting nostalgic.”
“Going soft more like.”
“Also, he said he’d never liked the look in the eye of that particular one. Called him a smug little so and so, pleased to get rid of him by the sound of it.”
“It was a bit eerie having to pluck him and behead him and de-claw him and clean out his gizzard and all that, you’d think Uncle Peter would have done that for us.”
“He probably thought it would be character-building for you – life’s not easy on a farm you know.”
“Not for the turkeys.”
“Actually, you’re wrong - I reckon they have a pretty good life on Peter’s farm. Up till the strangulation at least. And anyway, if you’re feeling generous, or guilty, you can always bring them back.”
“It’s easy. I used to do it all the time.”
“Haha. Dad’s drunk everybody! It’s official!”
“You should never mock your father. Or doubt him. Now get another round in.”
“I guess. Are you sure you want another one though? You can’t put ‘em away like you used to Dad.”
“It’s Christmas you cheeky sod. I’ll have a whiskey chaser too!”
We were all quite merry when we got back to the house. Mum and Sis were a bit giggly too - they had stayed behind to add the final touches to the table and ensure all was cooked to perfection before Her Majesty did her traditional address the nation thing. They’d emptied a bottle of prosecco in the process. The tightly-stuffed turkey was now decorated with tinsel and resplendent in the middle of the table. We sat down, pulled crackers, donned paper hats and were fully ready for the smoked salmon starters just as soon as we’d sung along to God Save The Queen.
“Right, that’s her finished! TV off and let’s get stuck in!”
Things might have gone okay; they probably would have in fact; the first course was fine. But Cousin Dave thinks he’s far funnier than he actually is and so he naturally doesn’t know when to let a good gag go. He decided it would be amusing to continue to tease Dad about his reincarnation revelations, grabbing the chance to continually challenge him in front of a captive audience. Surely, if he wasn’t a liar then he would bring the pride of place festive fowl back to life?
I was starting to feel anxious. Dad has never shirked a challenge. This was going to be embarrassing. He would have to admit it had just been the alcohol talking. He was a very good carpenter not the Dead Turkey Whisperer. He was staring hard at noisy Cousin Dave now though and a tense atmosphere had replaced the expectant buzz of the soon-to-be-fed Christ is born celebrants. Dad turned his gaze to the rest of we would-be feasters and smiled confidently. Then he turned back at Dave.
“Raise the parson’s nose!” He declared ceremoniously.
“Darling…” said Mum nervously. “What are you… Darling, you’re not going to…”
But Cousin Dave was already fingering the rear flap of the tinsel-ed turkey and leering at Dad still with that harsh beery challenge in his eyes. A silence fell as Dad somewhat unsteadily got to his feet, steadied himself with one hand on the edge of the table and then, uttering a very unchristian sounding incantation, thrust the middle finger of his other hand up the dead bird’s jacksy.
Nothing happened. Everyone just stared at Dad. He shrugged and sat back down, “I’m probably rusty.”
“Just as well” said Mum whilst Dave triumphantly muttered something along the lines of “I knew he was faking.”
Moments later, as Mum was dishing out roast potatoes from a large Pyrex dish, what I can only describe as an unholy squawk suddenly interrupted the jollity. An anguished outcry emanating from the kitchen halted all acts of revelry. Everyone jumped. Mum dropped the dish. Cousin Dave jumped again – two hot spuds had rolled off the table onto his lap. He squealed and flapped them away. Everyone stared at each other. Then at the door. At the gap under the door to be precise. A scrawny neck was slithering its way in. Cold, mottled, veiny, trailing blood and ripped tendons but very much alive. We all jumped again when we heard a bump. Then another. Then we made a mixture of noises as the head finally managed to squeeze under the door too.
We stared at it and it stared back - all sharp beak, beady red-eyes and angered intensity. The neck righted itself. The head was now up and able to fully look around, able to accurately locate its target. Once satisfied the neck scrunched into itself like a coiled spring then launched toward the table. Screams now as it landed sending gravy spraying and cranberry sauce splattering onto Christmas jumpers and jaw-dropped faces. In a moment it had re-attached to its basted body and let out a further anguished cry. Then immediately stretched left and right to peck at any human body part still in reach. No mercy – we were obviously all in the frame for the blame.
A sharp tap at the window came next causing further shrieks.
“Where did you cut off the claws?”
“Back garden.”
“Oh dear…”
Click click crack crack crash! An opening carved in the tempered glass and the feet were in. They scrambled down the curtains, then scuttled past the brightly wrapped presents under the tree and launched themselves at their dismembered body too. Expletives from the adults now, all decorum and respect for the occasion lost as the cooked bird reassembled and started to shift.
The first movement the reformed turkey made was to raise its haunches even higher and then violently fart out its stuffing in the direction of Bubbles the cat – a sage and onion bullet that might have taken her head off had she not managed to dodge allowing the life-size inflatable Santa to take the impact and explode majestically. Granny clutched at her heart whilst two-year-old Jamie clapped his hands and gleefully banged his plastic spoon on the table. The re-headed turkey rose, growling not gobbling now and eyed each of us in turn.
“F… me! We were sold a phoenix” Chuckled Granddad who had been seriously ill for the last six months and was probably in many ways past caring. He seemed the least concerned to exit when the rush started.
Cousin Dave was first to the door but then jumped back following the crash of a dustbin lid toppling and then the immediate influx of feathers flooding through the letter box.
“Quick! The back door!” Cried Sis and we all followed her lead.
Dad was last out, dragging Grandad and carrying Jamie. He hurriedly slammed the door and joined the rest of us just in time - as if on cue the timed Christmas tree lights came on to highlight the hideous scenes happening inside. Shivering in the garden and pressing our noses against the patio windows, it was fascinating to see the feathers return to their previous host – a kind of post-posthumous triumphant re-crowning, a macabre coronation that in all honesty was becoming far too horrific to fathom.
Grandad however was like a reborn himself. He was hopping from foot to foot, giggling like a six year -old and cracking gags probably only a six year-old would have laughed at.
“We should have named him – would have made it easier to negotiate our return. How about ‘Punky’? Look at the state of him!”
Much of the feathers were missing – he’d been plucked in the garden and the dustbin hadn’t coped with all of his sheddings – the wind had taken much of his coat away – the result was even more sinister – the partial re-clothing creating a dreadful patch-work zombie.
He looked menacingly toward the patio and eyed us each individually again then very deliberately squatted over the bowl of still-steaming sprouts and added a grey offensive jus. That brought the loudest gasp from Aunty Babs who always brought the very best from Budgens.
Mum was speechless and furious at the same time. She finally managed to shout at Dad “You promised me! You promised me you’d never… not after we had kids…. not after that mouse in Marks and Spencer!”
Dad looked rather sheepish but he’d made his point I guessed. He wasn’t a bragger by nature and he had been provoked. If anyone was to blame it was Cousin Dave. And throughout all of this, part of me was feeling quite proud of dad – there was a definite element of cool in being able to resurrect the main event during the main event.
“We should have a sing song!” Suggests Grandad. “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me … a half bald Psycho Turkey…”
Cousin Dave seemed more shocked than anyone. He had sat down with his head in his hands and was rocking from side to side muttering a repeating mantra. “Necromancer… I didn’t think… I never believed... necromancer…I never thought… he couldn’t… I shouldn’t… I’m sorry…”
The born-again bird flapped from the table to the tree. It was a seven-foot pine-treated whopper from Homebase but no match for an irate undead intent on vengeful destruction. The tree toppled and took the TV with it. Dad visibly winced.
“We’ve gotta do something!” Cried mum
“Yeah. Call Ghostbusters! Or an Estate Agent.” Chuckled Grandad.
“What are we gonna do son? She’ll never forgive me.” Dad whispered.
I’d never seen Dad look so morose and I never usually have the right answer to any question but I guess we all occasionally get inspiration.
“Do you remember Tyson Dad?”
“Yeah. But I don’t reckon even a heavyweight boxer would want to get involved with that thing.”
“No, Not that Tyson Dad. Where are we standing?”
“In a frozen garden without our coats watching a deranged turkey that I recklessly revived systematically destroy Christmas, our house and my marriage.”
“Yeah, But where else?”
“We’re stood almost exactly where she’s buried.”
“Tyson…Tyson! Yeah, I suppose you’re right, we are.”
“Unusual name for a miniature poodle but she earned it didn’t she Dad.”
“Not half. Feisty little thing.”
“Very feisty.”
“She was completely territorial too.,,”
“Yeah, the postman hated her.”
“Went ballistic if anyone came so near as the front gate...”
“There was never any fear of us being burgled when she was around.”
“I know!”
“Toughest little thing I’ve ever known.”
“Yeah. She was prepared to take on all-comers round the park.”
“A pit bull in little lamb’s clothing.”
“Exactly! And if you remember - she used to be able to fit through the cat-flap too.”
“Yeah…yes... Yes, she did! Dave! Quick! Pull yourself together, get up, get a shovel and start digging.”
H. B. O’Neill is a London born writer inspired by the City and its myriad opportunity for comedy, pain, drama and adventure. He is a prize-winning poet and short story writer, a screenwriter, playwright and author.
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2019.11.11 00:17 petit_bijou Can anyone help identify / date this old massive Pyrex bowl?

Can anyone help identify / date this old massive Pyrex bowl? submitted by petit_bijou to Pyrex_Love [link] [comments]

2019.11.07 14:51 stroke_bot scrimpness guaruan pyroid

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2019.10.11 07:17 vapesourcing-vs New Release 5.2ml Horizon Falcon II Sub Ohm Tank

Hey guys. Are you a fan of the Falcon series sub ohm tanks? If so, then you shouldn't miss the Horizon Falcon 2 Tank we'll be covering in the following. Ok, here we go!
Horizon Falcon 2 Tank is the latest member in the Falcon line up to date. Measuring 25mm at the base, it can store up to 5.2ml or 3.4ml e-liquid with different glass tubes used, and the e-liquid can be easily refilled via the top filling structure. Heating elements in the package are two 0.14ohm Sector Coils, one pre-installed and the other for spare.
The fan-woven mesh heating wire in the coils can maximize the airflow of the bottom coil, combined with the bottom-up coil heating, forcing the smoke to compress upwards, forming a vapor compression path and making the flavor denser and the vapor more smooth. Moreover, HorizonTech optimizes the coil change method: the former coil is threaded and must be replaced after the juice is completely used up, now simply unscrew the base and pull the atomization core directly without smudging the hand. Plus the accurate adjustable bottom airflow system, the Falcon II Tank is no doubt a must-have for DTL vaping.
Where to buy:
Tank Length: 56mm
Excircle Diameter: 25mm
Glass Tube Diameter: 28mm
Capacity: 5.2ml / 3.4ml(Glass Tube)
Coil Option: Falcon 2 Sector Mesh Coil
Coil Resistance: 0.14ohm
Wattage: 70-75W
Fill: Top-filling system
Connection: 510
Material: Stainless Steel (Body) + Pyrex Glass (Tank) + Resin (Drip Tip)
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2019.09.30 05:50 vapesourcing-vs Uwell EVDILO Kit 200W Preview

Hey guys. Are you a fan of Uwell Co.? If so, you may like the Uwell Evdilo Kit we'll be covering in the following as it is the latest vape mod kit by Uwell to date. Ok, let's check for more details.
Uwell Evdilo Kit comprises of the Evdilo Mod and the Valyrian II Tank. Powered by two 21700 batteries (compatible with 20700 or 18650 batteries) and integrated with the new BEIN chip, the mod can fire from 5-200W at an ultra-rapid firing speed of 0.008S. The available modes are variable wattage and temperature control with nickel, titanium or stainless steel. On the control face, there is a fire button, an OLED screen, two adjustment buttons, and a Micro USB port from top to bottom. With them, you can operate and monitor the device effortlessly.
As for the Valyrian II Tank, it can store up to 6mL of e-liquid with an easy flip-to-open top filling structure. Thanks to the licensed Self-cleaning technology, Valyrian II can absorb the e-juice in the condensation holder through regular usage and vaporize it, which reduces juice leakage and lessens the cleaning frequency. Aside from the self-cleaning technology, this tank also features the advanced Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology, providing vapers with the ultimate vaping experience by properly controlling the heating temperature, strictly managing the material quality, and completely restoring the e-juice flavor. Anyway, the Evdilo is definitely a must-have for cloud chasers.
Where to buy:
Mod Size: 47.4 * 32.5 * 83.7mm
Power Range: 5W-200W
Standby Current: <100μA
Voltage Range: 0.7V-8.0V
Mod Material: Zinc Alloy, PC & Stainless Steel
Resistance Range: 0.1-3ohm (VW), 0.1-1ohm (TC)
Temperature Range: 200-600℉/100-315℃

Tank Size: 29 * 60.6mm
E-juice Capacity: 6ml
Thread: 510 thread
Tank Material: Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass
Coil Type: FeCrAI Quadruple Coil 0.15ohm; FeCrAI UN2 Single Meshed Coil 0.32ohm; FeCrAI UN2-2 Dual Meshed Coil 0.14ohm; FeCrAI UN2-3 Triple Meshed Coil 0.16ohm
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2019.09.25 17:50 Anthony_Vapes Anthony Vapes: Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA Review

Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of the Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA, please see the bottom for disclaimers and links. Note: This is marked as a sample version.


The Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA is the latest RDTA from popular vape manufacturer Vandy Vape. Vandy Vape started in 2017 and since then have become very popular and pumped out a ton of products. I’ve reviewed over 20 of their products over the past year or so personally and they are pretty hit and miss overall making some really good stuff and also some really bad stuff. It’s basically a coin flip at this point. In 2019 they have continued to be hit and miss so far releasing a really good rugged mod in the jackaroo,a good lightweight power mode mod in the swell, a good MTL RTA in the berserker V1.5 mini, and a good affordable mech tube in the bonza. However they had their missteps with the AP kit, pairing the bonza mech with an unsuitable RDA, and a bad tank with the jackaroo, and a bad trident kit due to the pairing and coils, the bad berserker V2 RDA and of course the really awful kylin m RTA that shouldn’t have existed. So let's see which side of the fence this falls on. The Pyro V3 is a dual coil or single coil RDTA for DTL vaping and is 24mm at the base with a postless deck and a 2ml capacity. It’s available in 7 colors Matte Black, SS, Gold, Gun Metal, Blue, Rainbow, and Frosted Grey. looking around online i see it in the 30-40 dollar price range. Mostly out of china and preorder only set to release early october.

Manufacturer's Specs

Included in box:

Pictures Album:


Initial Impressions and features

When I first got this RDTA I was pretty happy to see it. Hasn’t been a lot of rebuildables being made and even at ECC nobody was really making them. Especially RDTAs. I can only think of 2 in the past year, 1 of which was the pyro V2 which was bad so I was hoping this was a big improvement and the other being the wotofo faris which was good but nothing amazing. Outside of that this had a squonk pin, postless deck, and bottom/side airflow so I didn’t have much bad to think about it from the start.

Build Deck and Wicking (pics above)

Let’s talk about the build deck now. It’s a basic Postless deck. The post holes are nice and large to accommodate any wire type you’d use in this really. The post screws are nice quality flat head/Phillips head combo screws and they include a spare set of 4 as well. I wish they had a hex option which are my favorite but not a big deal, so I can't complain. Just a preference thing. The screws come in from the side in a way that flat wires like fused claptons won’t be bent when installing. Since it is postless you do need to precut your leads. Thankfully this RDTA comes with a coil lead cutting tool which is marked at 6mm leads, which I found to work good so good job there with the tool and the marking. The build area is a good size but not overly large. If you go single coil there is plenty of room to fit a 4mm ID coil however as a dual coil RDTA 3mm ID coils give a little space and are a good size with a thicker fancy wire, but with round wire 3.5mm ID is good. Both are good sized builds for the amount of air. Overall it’s an excellent deck that’s easy to build on and one of my personal favorite types of decks, but may not be ideal for new builders because postless decks aren’t always the easiest to build on since you have to pre-cut your leads but the included tool makes that a lot easier.
Wicking on this one is super easy. It wicks pretty well so you don’t need to go super thin on your wicks. Just a normal amount. It’s a RDTA so you can either cut your cotton to the bottom or just go short like I do personally and drop it in the large wick holes.


Performance wise, I used it as a single coil RDTA and a dual coil RDTA. I ran 4 builds in it. 1 single coil 4mm ID round wire build, 1 single coil 4mm ID fancy build, 1 dual coil fancy 3mm ID build, and 1 dual coil 3.5mm ID round wire build. As a dual coil RDTA I found it worked really well flavorwise especially with the fancy wires of course. As good as many of the dual coil RDAs on the market in a medium watt range. Great intensity and very little muting. As a single coiler with the fancy coil it also performed well. Not as good as the top single coil RDAs but better than most that have been offered in the past year. Of course this is an RDTA though and it’s way better than the pyro V2 and better then the faris which are the only 2 I seen released in the last year making it easily the top RDTA on the market. Very happy with the performance overall.

Overall Impressions, Details, and Extras

It’s a Bottom and side Airflow RDTA with 12 small sized round holes on each side for the side airflow and 6 small sized round holes that goes into a bottom airflow in a “T” shaped design similar to the drop RDA. It’s a solid DTL vape fully open, not restricted but not super airy good for medium watt ranges like 60-100 roughly. The AFC however locks into place and is easy to adjust by spinning the top cap but doesn’t offer meaningful adjustment because it closes off from the side and will turn off the bottom air before the side air. They should have made it close off the side air only so you can go bottom only more restricted or less restricted bottom and side. Really my only design complaint from the RDTA. Not a big deal for me as I like it fully open, but could have made it way better as a single coiler.
The fill method is quite nice on this as well. It does come with a squonk pin so you can use that to fill the tank if you squonk or if you want to fill it without squonking, the top cap itself seals off the fill holes so just remove the top cap and you have 2 good sized round holes to fill with any bottle type. You can’t pour in form a glass bottle though but any twist top or fine tip bottle works great. No complaints there. Like most RDTAs though you can't drip in it, you just want to fill up the tank. There is no reservoir since it’s closed off and dripping will just go into the airflow with no way for the juice to get out until it leaks. You could pop the top to paint coils carefully if you wanted to though, but kind of pointless.
There is a good amount of accessories that come with it, It sadly only comes with 1 drip tip though which is a resin 810 tip. It looks nice but I wish they would have included a 2nd tip. It fits good though and pretty much any 810 tip should fit well in this RDTA. It also comes with a 510 tip adapter. It only comes in 1 size glass which is 2ml but they include a spare, it’s a low capacity if you aren’t squonking for a dual coiler. There is plenty of spare o-rings, 4 spare post screws 2 spare deck screws, a solid positive pin and a squonk pin, a screw driver and an allen wrench. They also include the coil lead cutting tool which is marked correctly. They include 2 fused clapton coils which are nicely and clearly labeled so good job there. They are ni80 26gx2+35g, 2.8mm ID, .33 ohms, 6 wraps. Would have been nice if they threw some cotton as well but not a big deal.
The quality of the Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA is good. I have no complaints quality wise. All the threading is really nice and smooth, AFC is easy to adjust even if meaningless, the drip tip fits great, the top cap is easy to get on and off and fits well. Just a really nicely made atomizer. Easy to take apart as well and the coloring looks nice. It’s a 24mm diameter RDTA so it should fit easily on most mods. The 2ml capacity is a little on the small side. There is no JFC and it doesn't need one since it’s an RDTA. I had no leaking or flooding issues and it handled chain vaping really good as well. Branding is nice and simple. Just the word pyro engraved in a matching color on one side of the top cap between the airflows.




So with all that said, do I recommend this RDTA? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, and this one I have to lean pretty hard towards the yes. Vandy vape really nailed this one after the bad Pyro V2 and with the lack of RDTAs on the market, it’s easily the best one available. If you are in the market for a new RDTA this is the one to get. I added this to my sheet of recommendations you can see linked down below. Feel free to check that out if you are in the market for anything new.
This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and I'll catch you on my next review.

Product Disclaimer

This product was sent to me from Vandy Vape

Review Disclaimer

Due to possible QC difference your experience may vary.

Reviewer Disclaimer

I’ve been doing vape reviews since late 2016 and have done over 400 reviews to date. I enjoy helping vapers on forums as well and helping contribute to the great vape community. I’m not an “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be thorough at all times and have enough experience with many products to tell what’s good and what’s not. All mods get tested with an oscilloscope and stress tested and results are posted in my reviews.

Recommendations and Past Review Links

written reviews list here
Youtube Channel here
Spreadsheet of Recommendations here
Best of 2019 so far list here
Best of 2018 list here
Best of 2017 list here
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